Donald Neely

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Yesterday morning before I had to go to my slave work I decided I would have a quick look on Instagram. The photos above are what everybody was talking about. Of course, I was outraged at the sight of the image of two white men on horses pulling a black man by rope. So, supposedly, Donald Neely was arrested on suspicion of trespassing. First of all, I didn’t know one could be arrested just on suspicion of trespassing?

Well, it is the United States where it’s officially a police state so what do you expect, right? After the photo went viral on social media the police department of Galveston, Texas issued an apologie for making it seem like we were still living in the 1800s. Anyway, whatever, this image represents what racist white Americans wet dreams look like daily.

The police department said they would end the practice of pulling people under arrest by rope. Ok, so you mean to tell me that town has had the policy of pulling people by rope for years after an arrest and nobody noticed or reported this crap until now? America is truly a country detached from reality regarding human decency. Really, are you shocked giving the US history of human rights violation abroad and domestic?

Carola Rackete

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Carola Rackete was released from custody after an Italian judge ruled that she had acted to protect the migrants on board. The captain of the Sea-Watch-3 was arrested off the port of Lampedusa carrying migrants from the failed state of Libya. The arrest comes after she was accused of ramming her boat into an Italian military vessel and also violating a navy blockade set in place by the racist Matteo Salvini. Carola Rackete is the sea captain of the boat Sea-watch-3 and a member of Sea-Watch, an NGO dedicated to finding other ships in distress within the area of Libyan waters.

To be honest, I’m always a little skeptical when white people come with the white-savior complex. It’s always these rich white privilege kids with a hundred degrees from these ultra fancy universities. When you look at them they never have one black friend in their circle or never dated any other group. Not to say that wouldn’t make them nonetheless racist because there are white women who date other groups but still hold beliefs of white-superiority. Or they try extra hard to only include black and brown in their groups which is also racist in itself. But again, we should be careful when giving white people to much credit for coming to the rescue of darker skin people plights when their own group caused the situation in the first place. I always feel when you see these white people who try to take over and control the plight of black people it isn’t good really.

Why? Because I think it somehow subconsciously feeds their ego in a way. White people have been told by birth they are the ones with the history and the culture everybody wants to follow them. Every other group on the planet is secondary to being white and European. So when you have these white people from nice backgrounds and nice ( also looks good on a CV as well) degrees get involved in third world matters it only establishes they are the choosing ones. Also, after a while, you will have these white people telling black people what it means to be black. And if you notice these racist organizations never have any other black people working for them at all which speaks volumes in my opinion. But, I will give her credit where it is due for helping those African migrants who were in need of help because she did put herself and her crew in danger to rescue those migrants. Here is a link to the page of Sea-Watch:

Ho·mo sa·pi·ens


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The photo you see above represents the sign for the church of satan but for me, it represents the true face (Maybe) of humanity….let me explain. Over a month ago I made this photo the main photo on my Facebook page. Understandably, a few people were upset at the posting of this photo considering the universal agreed collective meaning of this image. I had to promptly explain to my family members that I wasn’t a worshipper of Lucifer or a new member of the church of satan. But we all know that the lord of light represents the personification of evil itself. Or, is the Devil actually based off the evils of human beings. Maybe people thought this person committing this heinous act of murder, rape, or whatever had to be posses by an unknown entity, right? So maybe that’s were the original bases of the Devil came from. And Jesus is actually based on the goodness of certain people that walked the earth thousands of years ago. People so pure of heart they had to be posses by good spirits.

Well, this is only theatrical so it’s not to be taken literally since there is no historical proof to my theory. But my question, are human beings naturally evil? If you put a newborn baby in the woods to be raised away from civilization, shared cultural norms how would that person turn out? No teachings about religion or what’s good or bad. How would that person progress as a decent human being? Would they be decent or would they be a savage murderer like no other seen before? I always wonder about people who go to church and worship God. Do you really need to be told what’s good and bad? I mean, don’t you feel that in your heart or has the goodness been subconsciously implanted in you? For example, if you give people the power over other people’s lives they always seem to take advantage of people if they can get away with it.

Such as politicians, your manager, landlords, used car salesmen, banks, policemen, CEOs or Taxi cab drivers. People lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, rape, murder, discriminate, steal and more. Even myself, I was raised in a church environment so that affected the way how I treat people. But, there is a piece of me that bothers me still and I’m trying to work on. For example, I will give a friend or stranger the shirt off my back but if I feel betrayed then that’s another story. I will seek vengeance in a hateful way that isn’t right but it happens. If I can’t get you then I will wish ill on you with all the dark forces of evil. I hate that about myself and I’m aware of it and trying to work on it. But who would I be without the influence of the church during my childhood? Maybe that fire of rage that’s always been in me would have manifested itself into a life of crime and prison. But I truly believe there are people on this earth that are truly good but the chances of running into them are rare as they are few.

I think People should always be careful when they say they are a good person because its a thin line between self-righteousness and ego. The problem, everybody thinks they are a good person deep down even though they might be abusing their wife, abusing their kids, bullying coworkers, starting wars with other countries. Obama thought he was a good person even though he murdered people with drones. Bush Sr. and Jr thought they were good people even though they too murder people in the millions. Stalin thought he was good as well even though he murder people out of paranoia from fear of losing his grip on power. It makes you wonder, are we a flawed creation…a mistake. I think maybe something went wrong in the creation of (home sapiens) us but Aliens in outer space would be wise to avoid us completely. Nonetheless, this topic should be debated and discussed.

Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Gone


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Teresa May rode a wave of bigotry, discrimination, hatred, xenophobia, and ignorance to power. Now you see that racist negative energy she projected has redirected itself back on her. Other MPs in Parlament made life difficult for her as they didn’t agree with her racist Brexit deal. The lack of emotions she showed for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 has come back to bite her as well. If Britain is to move forward then the Labour party lead by Jeremy Corbyn must assume control. Otherwise, you will just have the same tune and the same results as before. So let’s rejoice! the wicked witch is gone as of June 7, and she isn’t coming back…hopefully.

A Rally For Julian


This past Saturday I attended a rally to free Julian Assange along with fellow members of the Socialist Equality Party. It felt good to be surrounded by fellow comrades who actually care about world issues. I say, with fear in my heart for our future, the universal fight must continue to educate people on the criminality of their government officials and the corrupt media who support them. Also, the main reason for the rally was to address the issue of Julian Assange being held at Belmarsh Prison. A supermax prison only held for Britains most violent prisoners.

Julian hasn’t been allowed to see his lawyer since being illegally ripped out of the Ecuadorian embassy. The governments of the world are all guilty of this crime as no one has spoken up to condemn the United States, Australia, England, and Sweden. Since the United States hold the reigns of global financial power, the governments are all scared to speak out of fear of pissing off the terrorist state which is the United States. If Julian Assange is sentenced to the USA for exposing their war crimes. I don’t know how long I will keep my citizenship/US passport afterward. I’m tired of the world excusing the United States war crimes as somehow they are still the good guys.

Julian Assange Arrested By The Devil Worshiping Elites

Yesterday those fucking weasels in the Ecuadorian government agreed to let the crooked English government illegally take Julian Assange out of their embassy. Wikileaks had been trying to warn the world public since 2012 that it was a conspiracy to capture Assange. From those false trumped-up charges by Sweden to England and Australia. All those countries I have listed are complicit in aiding the police state which is the American Government. That fucking CIA Swedish bitch who accused Julian of rape should be shamed where ever she goes in the world from this day on.

Ecuador, a country that nobody really gives a rat ass about should be boycotted for life by people who care about human rights. This man applied for political asylum and got it so he should have been protected under international law! Julian Assange human rights have been violated by the very country who had a duty to protect him from prosecution. And that Lenín Moreno, who has a crooked used car salesmen face. I wouldn’t have trusted that fucking weasel the first time I laid my eyes on his slimy looking ass. Also, Australia is part of the five eyes so the government sold its citizens sovereignty to the United States a long time ago. Then there’s England, still racist and rotten to its fucking core no matter how good they try to pretend otherwise. Those bastards use every fucking excuse on why they needed to arrests him for this and this..etc..etc. It was clear that the English government was America’s bitch from the start.

I use to live in England and I’m glad I left that rat hole before it swallowed me up. Anyway, I won’t be stepping foot back in England ever again in my lifetime..never! I hope Brexit gets on its way so the English government and the economy can reap all the rewards they deserve from their Brexit which was based off a racist platform. These governments around the world have clearly established there are one set of rules for you and another set for them. While people do nothing about these vile things happening to political activist they are blind to the fact that their human rights are gone, not being taking but gone. Most likely if a protest is organized I will fly from Berlin to London to lend my support for Wikileaks and this great hero of our time.

And another thing, the country of Sweden is boring so fuck Sweden as well for selling out to the US bullshit. Unless people start to get their act together and get organized we as the human race are in big trouble. I really do believe the biggest threat to our future is the United States Of America. By the time people wake up, it will be too late because the US government will have taken over the whole world. By takeover, I mean through economic means which technically they already have.

Free Chelsea Manning

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Support for Chelsea Manning, this wonderful and kind human being should be universal and unwavering. There should be nationwide demonstrations in support for this warrior of justice. There should be non-stop sit-ins on the nation’s capital and these crooked representatives should be bombarded with messages of their past crimes. As of yesterday, Chelsea Manning was released from solitary confinement after 28 days and put back into the general population. All because he wouldn’t agree to testify on trumped-up charges against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. The US government does anything they want to people and nobody cares until it happens to them or a family member. This man sacrificed himself and his freedom for YOU and people do nothing! You wonder as an activist is it worth putting your neck on the line for mentally enslaved sheep. FREE CHELSEA MANNING

My Testamony

Let this blog represent presented political facts from proving research and opinions based on facts. I also thank this blog for being a therapeutic outlet of expression of my views of today’s world. Also, I thank this blog for rooting out the false friends/associates and friends who I thought had my back in the time of need…your silence and lack of support won’t be forgotten. They say success is the best reward against haters and false friends well I welcome that future success. I hope one day sooner than later to turn this blog into my own online media company. So, for now, my posts on certain issues will be few until my audience has grown enough to start a social movement to incite change.

Professor Kahn

Ilhan Omar


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Ilhan Omar, the US Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district has been speaking truth to power but at what cost? I have to say that this woman is my hero and represents what politicians should be doing. She points out how politicians have sold your freedom out to corporations and other countries interest who control Washington. That’s the reason the establishment has attacked her with the hand of God. This fearless woman has no doubt attracted some powerful enemies behind the scenes.

The government controlled media is undoubtedly use as an extension to smear her character but what else would one expect from evil white racist who work in those newsrooms around America. Ilhan Omar is the truth and the real change that America needs but for that to happen the citizens of America must be open for change. I believe we might be watching history and the beginning stages of a true revolutionary leader. So
she should be protected at all cost from all threats. Remember, the Democrats and the Republicans parties are the same just with different colors and logos. The goal is to keep a two party system because they both play off each other to keep the government running in either image.

You want politicians to pay for war crimes and corruption? Then remove both parties! You want police in different states to serve time or even be given the death penalty for the murder of citizens? Then remove both parties! Do you want a free college education? Then remove both parties! Do you want to be paid a higher living wage? Then remove both parties! Do you want real equal rights for everyone? The remove those greedy, evil corrupt, bloodthirsty murderous bastards in suites!! But Americans won’t remove anything, will they? Yes indeed, Americans are truly fooled by a coke and a smile. The real question is, can American society be saved when so many people have sacrificed their lives and freedom to inform the people of illegal crimes their government has committed domestically and abroad?

Bernie 2020 Presidential Campaign


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“Power is dangerous. It corrupts the best and attracts the worst. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.”

Ragnar Lothbrok


Yes, I’m excited, very excited because the person who may actually be in the position to bring hope and change is Bernie Sanders. Not like that, “Manchurian Candidate” who was running around spewing his bullshit about peace and change. I wasn’t fooled in 2008 with his copied swag walk and speech patterns from others. Anyway, the main question on the agenda is this: Are Americans smart and competent enough to vote on candidates issues? Well, if you look at Americans past voting record it isn’t good at all. For Americans, it’s more of a popularity contest than about the issues…” can I relate to the candidate and does he dress nice.” Let’s hope the corrupt DNC doesn’t try to sabotage his campaign this time. We all know the corporate media will start a heavy smear campaign to stop him from gaining the high office. Maybe Americans will actually use their heads this time when choosing a person for president.