No Support For Julian?

Julian Assange appeared for a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday. The media coverage regarding his hearing received little attention from the world corporate media. But what do you expect from them? Honest journalistic work dedicated to informing the people while holding those in power accountable for their crimes? No, you get government fed talking points and well-crafted images to confuse you.

The media focused more on Meghan and Harry’s “royal crisis” as that was more important than Julian Assange being held as a political prisoner. This man has been denied access to his lawyers repeatedly so that he could prepare for his defense against the criminals in Washington. The Judge at his hearing, Vanessa Baraitser has made it impossible for Julian Assange legal team in every way by refusing them contact so they could prepare for this case.

The judge has been bought by the British government on behalf of the American Government. On Monday his supporters attended the hearing with signs in hand and chants, “Free Julian Assange.” I’m only sorry I didn’t fly to London to attend his hearing. My excuse, money and the birth of my child are the reason I didn’t go. But, what about the people who live in London who could just take the underground tube there and lend their support.

Huh? Nobody cares, his supporters were few and not the thousands or million that it should be. You fight the system while sacrificing your life to inform the public but nobody cares. People only care when something directly involves them then that’s when you have a problem. Julian Assange’s case is a message to the public that they better stay in their place as slaves or else. But apparently, the governments of the world have already won. Because the mass majority of people are so frightened of their governments that they will accept all types of abuse from them. Fools! Don’t you know your power resides when you all come together to form one fist, not individual fingers?

Italy’s New Grassroots Movement

This past Saturday in Rome, thousands of protestors filled Piazza San Giovanni to say NO to the ultra-fat racist Matteo Salvini and Italy’s far-right party. “The Sardines” are Italy’s new left grassroots movement that has swept through the establishment like a hurricane. It consists of young people and immigrants who are tired of the wave of hate that has engulfed Italy. The movement’s name comes from their ability to pack large crowds of people into small spaces.

Lead by Mattia Sartori and his friends from his university days, the group began its journey last month to counter the opening of Matteo Salvini’s political campaign in Bologna. “We stand for anti-fascism, pre-equality and are against intolerance and homophobia”, Mattia said about the group’s motives. Mattia and friends decided they would use Facebook invites to call for a flashmob rally in the main town square Piazza Maggiore. To their surprise, 15,000 people showed to participate.

Since then the movement has spread to every city in Italy. If you listen closely you can hear the crowds singing the anti-fascist resistance song, “Bella Ciao.”

Zwarte Piet

December 5th is the annual yearly tradition were all the racist in the Netherlands dress up in blackface as Santa’s little slave with a basket.

Frankly, I’m disappointed in the Dutch that they would justify such blatant racism disguise as ”tradition.” But then again, what do you expect from former colonist. But let them continue their racism even though the black Dutch population and and white Dutch activists have said that Zwarte Piet is racist and offensive.

Yes disappointing indeed- In the past I was interested in moving to Rotterdam or Amsterdam and finally leaving Germany forever. But this is unbelievable racism to the next level. I won’t expose my daughters to such demoralizing images of black people looking like clowns for white people pleasure. You know, I use to think that modern day Europeans were less racist than (clever liberal advertising) white Americans. The truth, white Europeans are less honest about their racist thoughts while white Americans don’t try to hide it. I’ve met several people from the Netherlands that said I would fit in there.

Maybe so, but I know if I was there I would be protesting and starting trouble a long side my brothers. Zwarte Piet was ok in the 1850s when black people were seen as less than human. But this isn’t the 1850s anymore you former Dutch colonists bastards should know the world has changed. Maybe your racist culture should change as well. I would seriously suggest you bury that offensive blackface in the past.


The Murder Of Harry Dunn

When Harry Dunn woke up on the morning of August 27, I don’t think he thought this morning would be his last. On that day, Harry Dunn was driving down the road in the town of Croughton in Northamptonshire. His motorcycle collided with a black Volvo XC90 boosting diplomatic plates knocking him off into the grass. Harry’s parents, Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, arrived to see their son being attended too by the ambulance. This is the personal account from Harry’s father:

“I could see broken bones out of his arms and stuff. But he was talking,” Tim said, choking up with emotion. He added, “I called out to him and said, ‘Harry, it’s your dad. They’re going to fix you. They’re going to fix you. Be calm. Let them help you.’ He stopped moaning because he was complaining that he couldn’t breathe very well.” Those were the last words he would ever say to his son-Harry died a short time later at the hospital.

Well, who’s is Anne Sacoolas? And what specifically caused the death of Harry Dunn? We know she was traveling on the wrong side of the road from the US spy base, RAF Croughton. We know she was an employee at the Department Of Defence. How did she meet her husband? Most likely she met Jonathan Sacoolas in government who happens to be a diplomat at the spy base. They married in 2003, have two kids and current home is in the state of Virginia.

And regarding the crash, she talked to the local police at the crash scene and more talks followed at her house. During the talks to determine what happened, she lied and assured them she had no plans of leaving England no time, soon. Although, no investigation was carried out as the local police were told to halt giving she had protection status. Later, she would leave the country in secret claiming she had diplomatic immunity because her husband was a government employee.

That act sparked an international debate between Britain and America. What does it mean to have diplomatic immunity and does it mean one above local laws of their host country? It also seemed unlikely that Harry Dunn would receive any kind of justice since England is America’s lack-dog. The parents headed to the States in the hopes of bringing their story to an American audience. The planned worked and so all America know that this spy, soulless southern bitch is a cold-blooded killer.


My thoughts:

First of all, let’s throw the political correctness out the window! So this bitch and her punk ass husband moved to England so they can spy on Europeans, right? Plus, she moves to another fucking country and doesn’t think it’s important to learn the local laws of the road.

Giving that she already had a driving conviction back in the state of Virginia, what in the world gave her the idea she could drive in goddam England? Listen! If you are American and having difficulties driving correctly in America then I wouldn’t recommend you bring your ass over to Europe. I think Anne is the typical white southern American who believes the world should be at her feet.

She’s white, educated, suburban, and worked for the security state. Her husband works for a spy agency that actively spies on you and Europeans. As long as I lived in Europe I have met those dumb ass Americans who live over here because a husband is in the military or the embassy. Those Americans are just the worst they refuse to learn anything about the culture they live in. They never hang with other foreigners just other expats. All ways talking about America like they still live there.

If you ask them what’s going on in the news with their host country they can’t tell you. They receive all their food from the base because they refuse to eat the food over here. They walk and talk with a superior, arrogant-demeanor as Europeans should be happy to have an American in their country.

These types of Americans don’t care about other cultures only another notch in their book and bragging rights at their dog shit dinner parties. Usually conservative, racist, xenophobic, and a strong belief in America’s exceptionalism. I aways wonder why these people leave America in the first place. Now, add that this evil bitch and her husband worked for the government.

She dared to send a letter to the family explaining she was sorry for their loss and she was grieving for their son. Ok, you could take your murderous arrogant ass back to the UK and take that jail time! No, she has kids so that somehow excludes her from serving jail time in the UK for involuntary manslaughter.

If I accidentally killed someone with my car I would serve my time without a fight in court. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to run to another country for protection. They need to get this bitch and put her in the cell for a decade for all the trouble she has put Harry Dunn’s family threw with compensation to go along with it.

Think of the situation in this context…if this would have been an American black woman who hit and killed this young man-I don’t think she would have gotten off so easily regardless of her social status.

That’s Just Nasty


Last Sunday I went out for a walk with my family and in-laws in the historic area of Berlin/Potsdam/Babelsberg. We walked along the river were one could see old Castle’s that belong to kings of the past from Prussia. The area of Babelsberg is also famous because it was divided between east and west when the Berlin Wall was up. Even though i’ve been here a dozen times it’s still my favorite place in Brandenburg to visit. So anyway, as we walked along the paths we came upon this small cottage restaurant along the river. My wife and I had to use the restroom so my daughter stayed with her grandfather outside. As I was using the toilet I notice another person came in to take a piss. The man didn’t take along to finish using the toilet. The thing I noticed was he just zipped up and left without washing his hands. I was absolutely disgusted by his actions that he felt he didn’t need to wash he damm hands. After I left the rest room I mentioned this situation to my wife and I was just sick to my stomach by this. I notice when I go to the airport some men don’t wash their hands after taking a shit! Like WTF!? For some reason, these men have the arrogance to believe that they are cleaner than everybody else so they don’t need to wash their hands. ”YOU need to wash your hands but not me because I’m cleaner than you.” I really do believe this is their mindset when it comes to hygiene practice. That’s the reason I don’t like shaking hands with other men or women. So not to be rude when I greet you I will just give you a fist bump because I don’t know where your hands have been in the last thirty minutes. Look, for all you dirty  dudes out there who get off on people touching your hand fill of shit particles or bacteria from your penis. It’s just isn’t cool, so, please wash your nasty, filthy hands because nobody wants your shit on their hands. You know what? Here’s a short video for all you hygienic challenge men out there having a hard time washing your hands after bathroom use.


Trump’s New World Order

“The future does not belong to globalists,” “The future belongs to patriots.”

-Donald Trump


Today I saw President Trump on TV  addressing the United Nations. Something about that image of him center front of that assembly said new world order. It was almost at this moment that the world had giving up and declared the United States as omnipotent. It’s amazing, we thought that world domination from a another country would occur through military might. But the United States was smarter and learned from the past so they use economic means as a way to secure world domination.

And the best thing about it…its not obvious that the world is dominated by the United States. The world leaders/governments through their incompetents of always turning a blind eye to the United States crimes have essentially dragged the world into a black hole. And any country that rises up to challenge America’s (military/economic) might is immediately put down. The freedoms that Americans think they have has been a long-standing joke behind political doors. Now it’s time to really put the nail in the coffin for the rest of the world from the people in Washington, D.C. Point of View. I think Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak at the United Nations podium but who will stop him? If that happens, then he would probably place sanctions on the United Nations…again, who would stop him?



AFD Party Gains Ground In Local Elections

Yesterday I had a relaxing day since I didn’t have to go to work and slave it out in the kitchen. But that was until I decided to check out the news here in Germany. Which by the way was a big mistake as I should have continued playing my mobile held hand (PUBG) game. The headline was, “AFD Successful In Regional Elections” or something to that effect. I immediately begin reading in detail about the results. The situation kicked off an hour-long discussion about Germans and the future of Deutschland between my wife and me. A long time ago when this (AFD) party first started getting national attention I instantly got a bad feeling about them.

It’s that sort of feeling you have when something tells you subconsciously not to go down that dark road or maybe you shouldn’t overtake this other car on this narrow road. But, my point, when I first saw professors, university students, school teachers, and young professionals demonstrating in the street for a better Germany. I knew this party was different than the rest of the current Neo-Nazi groups. The old racist parties of Germany had shaved heads and black boots and just looked violent which also scared other conservative old Germans who didn’t like foreigners. I remember talking to my German friends about this party and telling them you should be worried. They all said it isn’t the 1930s and history won’t repeat itself. My rebuttal to those statements was that the AFD is cancer that will spread over time if you let it.

Time has proved me right and will continue to prove me right until its too late to stop them. And when that time comes I and the rest of my family will have left this racist country for the Netherlands or another country. One of the problems is that the party main base has been the forgotten poor in the east of the country. After the wall fell in 1989 everybody from the former communist east block ran to the economic prosperous west which had been controlled by the United States, France, and Britain since the end of WWII. The Russians had control of the east of the country since the end of the war.

During these years after the wall fell the politicians, and big businesses forgot about the people in the east thus abandoning them. The elite of Germany looked down on the poor white people of the east casting them off as uneducated and racist. But all this time resentment was building up not only against foreigners but the elite as well. Now, after years of neglect, a sleeping giant has awoken in the east. The AFD party has a few seats in several states around Germany but they received a huge surge in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony.

I said it before and I will say it again the AFD is a threat to the Democracy of Germany and the stability of the European Union. The party has known Neo-Nazi members in its ranks and thugs willing to commit violence. For us expats living in Germany it isn’t a surprise this is happening. The German mentality is to pretend something isn’t there until its too late. They never like to admit when they are wrong but the racist passive-aggressive culture has contributed to the rise of the AFD. I promise you a dark storm is on its way if the AFD isn’t removed. I would suggest you look at a previous post on this subject:

Donald Neely

(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Yesterday morning before I had to go to my slave work I decided I would have a quick look on Instagram. The photos above are what everybody was talking about. Of course, I was outraged at the sight of the image of two white men on horses pulling a black man by rope. So, supposedly, Donald Neely was arrested on suspicion of trespassing. First of all, I didn’t know one could be arrested just on suspicion of trespassing?

Well, it is the United States where it’s officially a police state so what do you expect, right? After the photo went viral on social media the police department of Galveston, Texas issued an apologie for making it seem like we were still living in the 1800s. Anyway, whatever, this image represents what racist white Americans wet dreams look like daily.

The police department said they would end the practice of pulling people under arrest by rope. Ok, so you mean to tell me that town has had the policy of pulling people by rope for years after an arrest and nobody noticed or reported this crap until now? America is truly a country detached from reality regarding human decency. Really, are you shocked giving the US history of human rights violation abroad and domestic?

Carola Rackete

(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Carola Rackete was released from custody after an Italian judge ruled that she had acted to protect the migrants on board. The captain of the Sea-Watch-3 was arrested off the port of Lampedusa carrying migrants from the failed state of Libya. The arrest comes after she was accused of ramming her boat into an Italian military vessel and also violating a navy blockade set in place by the racist Matteo Salvini. Carola Rackete is the sea captain of the boat Sea-watch-3 and a member of Sea-Watch, an NGO dedicated to finding other ships in distress within the area of Libyan waters.

To be honest, I’m always a little skeptical when white people come with the white-savior complex. It’s always these rich white privilege kids with a hundred degrees from these ultra fancy universities. When you look at them they never have one black friend in their circle or never dated any other group. Not to say that wouldn’t make them nonetheless racist because there are white women who date other groups but still hold beliefs of white-superiority. Or they try extra hard to only include black and brown in their groups which is also racist in itself. But again, we should be careful when giving white people to much credit for coming to the rescue of darker skin people plights when their own group caused the situation in the first place. I always feel when you see these white people who try to take over and control the plight of black people it isn’t good really.

Why? Because I think it somehow subconsciously feeds their ego in a way. White people have been told by birth they are the ones with the history and the culture everybody wants to follow them. Every other group on the planet is secondary to being white and European. So when you have these white people from nice backgrounds and nice ( also looks good on a CV as well) degrees get involved in third world matters it only establishes they are the choosing ones. Also, after a while, you will have these white people telling black people what it means to be black. And if you notice these racist organizations never have any other black people working for them at all which speaks volumes in my opinion. But, I will give her credit where it is due for helping those African migrants who were in need of help because she did put herself and her crew in danger to rescue those migrants. Here is a link to the page of Sea-Watch:

Ho·mo sa·pi·ens


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

The photo you see above represents the sign for the church of satan but for me, it represents the true face (Maybe) of humanity….let me explain. Over a month ago I made this photo the main photo on my Facebook page. Understandably, a few people were upset at the posting of this photo considering the universal agreed collective meaning of this image. I had to promptly explain to my family members that I wasn’t a worshipper of Lucifer or a new member of the church of satan. But we all know that the lord of light represents the personification of evil itself. Or, is the Devil actually based off the evils of human beings. Maybe people thought this person committing this heinous act of murder, rape, or whatever had to be posses by an unknown entity, right? So maybe that’s were the original bases of the Devil came from. And Jesus is actually based on the goodness of certain people that walked the earth thousands of years ago. People so pure of heart they had to be posses by good spirits.

Well, this is only theatrical so it’s not to be taken literally since there is no historical proof to my theory. But my question, are human beings naturally evil? If you put a newborn baby in the woods to be raised away from civilization, shared cultural norms how would that person turn out? No teachings about religion or what’s good or bad. How would that person progress as a decent human being? Would they be decent or would they be a savage murderer like no other seen before? I always wonder about people who go to church and worship God. Do you really need to be told what’s good and bad? I mean, don’t you feel that in your heart or has the goodness been subconsciously implanted in you? For example, if you give people the power over other people’s lives they always seem to take advantage of people if they can get away with it.

Such as politicians, your manager, landlords, used car salesmen, banks, policemen, CEOs or Taxi cab drivers. People lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, rape, murder, discriminate, steal and more. Even myself, I was raised in a church environment so that affected the way how I treat people. But, there is a piece of me that bothers me still and I’m trying to work on. For example, I will give a friend or stranger the shirt off my back but if I feel betrayed then that’s another story. I will seek vengeance in a hateful way that isn’t right but it happens. If I can’t get you then I will wish ill on you with all the dark forces of evil. I hate that about myself and I’m aware of it and trying to work on it. But who would I be without the influence of the church during my childhood? Maybe that fire of rage that’s always been in me would have manifested itself into a life of crime and prison. But I truly believe there are people on this earth that are truly good but the chances of running into them are rare as they are few.

I think People should always be careful when they say they are a good person because its a thin line between self-righteousness and ego. The problem, everybody thinks they are a good person deep down even though they might be abusing their wife, abusing their kids, bullying coworkers, starting wars with other countries. Obama thought he was a good person even though he murdered people with drones. Bush Sr. and Jr thought they were good people even though they too murder people in the millions. Stalin thought he was good as well even though he murder people out of paranoia from fear of losing his grip on power. It makes you wonder, are we a flawed creation…a mistake. I think maybe something went wrong in the creation of (home sapiens) us but Aliens in outer space would be wise to avoid us completely. Nonetheless, this topic should be debated and discussed.