Eight People Force To Dig Graves In Indonesia For COVID-19 Victims

Eight people in Cerme, East Java, were ordered to dig graves for COVID-19 victims after each one was caught without a mask in public. Officials have had spikes in COVID-19 cases in the region. In order to fight rising infections the authorities have had to put tougher laws in place. Anyone caught violating the new laws will be subject to fines or community service. It seems that the country of Indonesia are taking a non nonsense approach to fighting mass stupidity. Maybe the governments of Europe would be wise to follow the same approach.

High School Reunions

I remember the day I graduated from High School. I had prepared the whole day for the event. Running around town wrapping up lose ends before the big event. Everybody would be there minus my father who I had a bad relationship With. I looked forward to the beginning of the rest of my life. Either I would go to California and become an stage/tv actor along with my girlfriend or go to Ohio and join my best (Ex) friend/brother. But future ambitions could wait because this was my night…our night.

We had all known each other since kindergarten and now this was the last night we would ever see each other. After this, some people would go into the military, some people would go to college and university. Some of us would go immediately into the work force. I would choose to take a Grey Hund bus with my girl and head to the state of Ohio. At it’s core, this event signified the end of stories throughout our time in school.

The end of school crushes and friendships that were gained and lost along the way. I can safely say growing up in a small town was great in the 80s and 90s. My school years really was a combination of Ferris Bueller, Kid n Play and Save By The Bell all wrapped into one. It was a special time to be a kid and a teenager back then. This was the class of 1999 the last and best class of the century.

It was hot in the middle of May and we had to wear those hot and heavy goofy graduation outfits. We all waited in line for the proceedings to begin. Later, we took our seats in the football stadium outside. Our family and friends were seated behind us but above so they could look directly over us. I remember when they started calling out our names. Lots of people received almost standing ovations when they picked up their diplomas on stage. When my name was called I thought surely I will receive a standing ovations, right? After all, most of these people have known me since elementary.

I was on the (briefly) football team, track team, JROTC, tried out for tennis and took acting classes. Throughout my school years I never bullied or made anyone feel less unless you were my enemy. So when I took that stage to receive my diploma I got little to no applause except from my family and a few. I didn’t really come to terms with that situation until 2003 when I was in college in Cleveland. After much thought I ripped up my year book and threw it in the trash.

I came to terms that the “cool people” didn’t like me much. And I always wonder what did I do to them to (I use to be one of them) receive such disrespect. I could only think of one reason and for that you would have to go all the way back to my eight grade year. At that time I was part of the cool crowd but at some point I decided I was tired of not being me. I started acting like I wanted and hanging out with who I wanted. I would often get comments like “why are you hanging with them.” It was a group of us maybe 20 misfits that came together to form ( black and white) friendships. We would all meet every morning before school, it was crazy.

Every one had their clicks but we had the biggest group in (as one, a single unit) school at that time, it was insane. At this point I just went nuts I really was free mentally from others negative opinions. I just didn’t care what the “cool kids” thought of me. My group of friends didn’t give a shit either! Growing up in the south we would mimic the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternities from black Universities during football pep rallies. Our theme mostly consisted of barking loud like a pit bull and saying our (inspired by Bernie Mac) slogan loud, ”Who Ya Wit?” We would even yell that slogan during the changing of class or during lunch hour or when school ended for the day.

Yes, but that is only one story of many I could turn into a books but I’m to lazy to do it. I’m sure I agitated a lot of my former classmates with my wildness but to be treated like I was never part of the class is just foul. What do I mean? Let me explain, most of all these people I haven’t seen or spoken too since graduation. I left that small backwards town and the state of Mississippi after graduation and never came back. Then eventually I would leave the country for good. Back in 2009 we had a reunion and my best friend went. Both he and I had the same battles dealing with those snobs during our school years. He told me that noting had changed and those people still had the same clicks and snobbery attitude.

But guess what? I never got a invite and in 2019 they had another one and I never received a invite. To be honest I would not go but to say these country ass folks own our high school years is ridiculous. Those people ( black and white) were always some stuck up snobbery bastards. At this point in my life I have a beautiful wife and two kind hearted daughters. I live in Europe even though Europeans piss me off some times. I have been to places that these delusion of grandeur country ass folks will never ever see in their lifetime.

New York, Toronto, Chicago, Barcelona, London, Paris, Edinburgh, Rome, Florence, The Vatican City and that’s just to name a few. And that doesn’t even include the places I lived in. The people I’ve met during my travels have been celebrities, daughters of revolutionaries and heads of state. Have you ever been to a château in Paris? Hell, I saw Pope Benedict XVI speak during my time in Rome in 2011. I passed by Yoko Ono on Oxford Street in London just walking like it was normal. That was a serious WTF moment! All this are just snippets of my life but I don’t brag on Facebook about none of these things because the real stories aren’t bragged about. I guess it kinda bothers me that these small minded clowns think they are cooler than me even now. I know I‘m not that boy from that small town anymore. But some times what people do to you in your youth does follow you into adulthood.

I remember one time my High School was organizing a trip to Spain for the summer. I wanted to go ( I didn’t have a thousand dollars or a passport) so bad because at that time I had never been anywhere except New Orleans. All the snobbery preppy white kids took that trip. How do I know they went? It was in the year book the next year. Anyway, now, I’ve have been to Spain three times at this point. But in the end I guess I won, most of these people are fat or so skinny it looks like they have eating disorders. My best ( ex-military) friend told me he intentionally ignored the (2019) last reunion since they tried to treat him like shit the last time around.

Question? Do I hate my former classmates? No but I do think it’s pathetic to act like you are better than someone even at your ages when clearly it’s not the case. It’s a whole lot more I could say about these wack ass people but I won’t. But I will say this. Our last year book was jacked by those rich white kids who decided to put photos of themselves everywhere in the book. One of those preppy clowns happen to be on the year book staff. She thought it would be a good idea to make the year book about them. I just remember thinking how could they get away with this when I was looking through the pages.

That was one of the reasons I ripped that book in pieces in 03. I just think High School reunions are just stupid. If we weren’t friends in school why would I speak and try to hang with you now? Thing is, I don’t forget or forgive when someone try’s to make me feel small. So no, these people had their chance to make amends with me before and on graduation night but they didn’t. Far as I’m concerned that version of me died that night because those fat country small minded people will never see me again.

Now on the other hand, the people who I grew up with in (Eastside) the hood and was cool with still know “what it is” when we see each other. But all those snobby people from my class haven’t changed and probably (just pretending they have changed- they really aren’t good people) never will. You know what? I will probably go to my reunion when I’m 90 just to see how many of those twats I outlived.

No More Articles About The United States


 me the STEYR AUG A3M1!


Also, let me get this Glock 19.


Store Clark: You know how to shoot them?

Me: bruh, I’m from Mississippi, of course.


So as protest rage on in Wisconsin over the shooting of Jacob Blake. The white racists in police uniform allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to walk the streets with a rifle in hand.

No doubt if that would have been a black man or black men they would have been arrested or shot. But Kyle Rittenhouse happened to be apart of a militia group that supports the police. So, the police were happy and so much that they gave the militia group water for their hard work.

And the police were so satisfied with Kyle Rittenhouse handy work that they allowed him to walk around with the assault rifle after the fact he had just shot three people. The boy of seventeen years old was allowed to flee Wisconsin but he was arrested in his hometown of Antioch, Illinois.

Honestly, I’m tired of looking at the shit show in my birth country. Every time I tune in to see the news I see the utmost stupidity. And every time I explode in anger ready to pick up a gun. Buy a plane ticket, fly back to the US, and rage a guerilla war.

But I know if I were still living in the US I would be dead or in prison. I know this, I know this for sure because there isn’t another way but this option. What option? I said it before in past posts that my black people should be armed and ready to go to war with the local, state, and federal government on a moment’s notice. That all white supremacist and their families should be targeted–wipeout!

Every black person should be trained in firearms, hand to hand combat, bomb-making, educated on the US Constitution and laws and the education of defense against all forms of government aggression. The formation of black militia groups would serve these purposes as stated beforehand. Look, nobody wants killing but at some point, people must die for change to happen.

A revolution needs to happen for that country to move forward. You would start by putting all-white racist in prison or worse. No exception! that could be your school teacher, or the soccer mom in the suburbs. To squash white racism in America, you would have to establish authoritarian policies.

All forms of white racism even to the smallest of jokes would see a white person in prison for years. No exceptions! So black Americans can protest and shout and cry but no change will come until my people pick up a gun and start to go down this path.

But yes, I can’t watch and write about this freak show any longer. So this will be my last time mentioning anything related to the US ever again. And Donald Trump will undoubtedly try to cancel the US elections and Americans have themselves to blame for it.

Their arrogance has gotten them in this situation and unfortunately, the world has to suffer for American’s poor choice in leaders. At the end of the day, I don’t live there anymore and I never will again.

Man Assaults Motorists On Berlin Autobahn

On Tuesday, a man turned his car into a weapon as he hit several people on the Autobahn. Most of the victims were on motorcycles but there were no reported deaths from the attack.

The German authorities have reason to believe the attack was terrorism. But, the German police didn’t specifically say why they believe this incident was a terrorist attack—only stating because the suspect yelled, “Allahu Akbar” as he was being arrested.

The suspect, who is originally from Iraq was recently let out of a mental institution. The German investigators have yet to find any proof the suspect belongs to any terrorist group.

Anti-Corona Protest In Berlin.

Today in Berlin 20 thousand people demonstrated against the government’s plans to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. Many demonstrated against laws the government has implemented. Such as wearing masks in public spaces and following social distance guidelines. Many of the protesters say that the coronavirus is an illusion and the government is using the crisis to take away their rights.

Today, the protesters demanded that the government restore their rights. A lot of people believe that the coronavirus is a conspiracy. For instance, Bill Gates has been used in their conspiracy theories suggesting it’s all a ruse. Many believe bill Gates wants to implant trackable microchips in everyone, lol. First of all, they give Bill Gates to much credit–he isn’t Lex Luthor.

After everything, the biggest winners in this crisis have been the politicians. Why? They saw their economies and maybe their societies we’re legitimately threatened. So they did everything they could to slow the spread of the virus. The biggest losers of this crisis? The people.

For once the public had a chance to show that they could work in unity and solidarity. But, if anything, the public has shown that they need to be ruled by Presidents, politicians, prime ministers, kings, queens, and so on.

The crisis has shown that people are like children and they need their handheld as such. If I was a politician and watching all the immense stupidity the public has done to each other. I would think they deserve to have their rights taken away from them. Why fight for fools who have shown that they can’t even govern themselves if given the chance.

On a whole, this is disturbingly disappointing because if you took all politicians away I have no doubt people would destroy the whole system.

Mass Coverup

A Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist at the Hong Kong School of Public Health has claimed that (Chinese Virus) Covid-19 was covered up by the Chinese government with the help of WHO. She claimes that her supervisors turned a blind eye when she presented them her research on the virus in the early stages of the outbreak. She made further claimes saying she believes the government knew about the outbreak earlier than reported. And that WHO actively withheld information on the human-to-human transmission on the Chinese government’s behalf. She now lives in the United States under the protection of the government in fear of retaliation by the Chinese authorities.

My Thoughts

Honestly, the Doctor hasn’t said anything that we already didn’t know.
What’s more disturbing is that the international media has colluded together to blackout any real criticism or investigation into these matters regarding the WHO and the CCP. The mainstream media and the world governments are not pressing the issue with China.

Why? Maybe because they (China) are the second-largest economy in the world. Almost every world government has business dealings with China so pissing them off would not be in their favor. Plus the Chinese government has shown pettiness when it comes to any criticism directed at them. They have shown a willingness to come after international journalists and news organizations who criticized them. But yet, instead of the mainstream news investigating China for (Covid-19) mass murder they choose to focus on Hollyweird couple Will Smith and his plastic surgery looking, wife.

The wool is being pulled over the public eyes with an international dark deceitful propaganda campaign. And now the Chinese government has allowed the WHO to come into their country to investigate the origin of the virus. I can tell you now that this investigation is false since the Chinese government has had plenty of time to dispose of any evidence that connects them to the virus. Many families are starving unable to pay their bills. People have lost their husbands, wives, fathers, sons, mothers, and friends to this virus. A lot of people have and will be kicked out of their homes because they can’t pay the rent.

This virus has cost lives and sent families to the food shelters but Yet the politicians of the world don’t provide any real (But they protect million dollar/euro business corporations ) protection to the citizens. They think if we don’t talk about who’s responsible for the virus and shift any real discussion about the origin of the virus to a “conspiracy theory” then it will go away. The world should take notice because this was a warning shot.

Our civilization isn’t as strong as they would have you believe because our society wasn’t that far from collapse and this wasn’t even the “Black Plague.” When the next (if this current one doesn’t get worse) pandemic arrives, we probably won’t have time to hog enough toilet tissue from the supermarkets.


Barry Wardell: White Chef Yells Racist Abuse Towards Black Driver

‘black lives don’t matter.’
‘I hate niggers.
‘I hang niggers.

‘Put me on Facebook, black lives don’t matter! Nigger!’

This photo is of a Barry Wardell from New Hartford in Utica, New York. Mr. Wardell thought it would be a good idea to Pick any black person he saw and Verbally abused them by yelling obscenities. He decided he’s victim would be Jakeila Phillips.

Ms. Phillips was driving in her car minding her business when the white belligerent sociopath began to verbally abuse her. Unbeknownst to him was that Ms. Phillips had a camera to document the encounter. Well, Barry Wardell wanted Ms. Phillips to post their encounter on social media and he received his wish.

Now thousands of people on social media know his name, and where he lives. But now the coward has already deleted his Facebook page. My advice to him…run and hide coward.

I always wondered why white Americans love yelling nigger at someone out of a passing car. In my years of living in Europe, I have never encountered such stupidity and (ok, once) cowardice. The act of yelling nigger so far for what I have seen is reserved for America. It’s funny, growing up in Mississippi I was never called a nigger once to my face.

But, when I moved to the state of Ohio I encounter a boatload of racism. Northerners like to pretend they are much more open-minded then southerners. In my experience, Northerners are worse because they sell you a lie that they aren’t racist.

Rayshard Brooks Shooting

It’s still going on! It’s still going on! The police in America haven’t stop with the murders of black men. After all the protests and riots one would think a change would a least begin. The white people in power are just waiting for all the protest-uproar to die down so they continue as usual.

And an example of that can be seen with the latest shooting/murder of Rashard Brooks of Atlanta. On Friday, cops were called to a wendy’s restaurant after someone complained about a man sleeping in his car. Apparently, as Rayshard Brooks slept in his car he also happened to block the drive-thru.

The official police report says the two police officers on scene gave Rayshard a sobriety test to which he failed. The officers attempted to arrest Mr. Brooks but he resisted. During the scuffle, Rayshard manages to take one of the officer’s police issue taser.

Mr. Brooks then proceeded to run from the officers which caused them to shoot him three times in the back. Afterward, the authorities deluded reason for the shooting was that as he ran he pointed the taser at officers.

My Thoughts

From afar, I have seen the movement against police brutality and racism turn into another acceptable clown show because it really isn’t a threat to the established order.

The movement is non-threatening so other white celebrities feel safe they can join the bandwagon make statements such as, I support “BLM” and stupid statements such as, “I will do my part to help black people.’ Please, what these white celebrities can do to help is grow a backbone like ten years ago. Save your fake sentiments for the fools who worship you.

If you really want to make a change you have to practice civil disobedience. All government buildings in Washington should have been shut down with your protests. You should have made it impossible for lawmakers to conduct their business-honestly that includes all states.

All banks, courthouses, police departments, and just any government building in any state should have been vandalized. My point, the rioting should have been turned on government institutions instead of businesses. Any police officer who has murder any citizen of the United States and got away with it should have their families threaten or worse.

The majority of the activist should be armed forming a new party of self-defense against any government aggression. But, of course, noting I say will come to fruition. The people of America have been subconsciously beating down that they would just watch a man die from a knee to his neck.

Why? Fear, they know that if they try to intervene in any police matters that they will be arrested or shot. If your life is threatened and you kill a cop you too will be murdered by his fellow officers. There is nowhere to go for help if you kill one of them in self-defense.

You see the problem isn’t Really the police as they are only enforcing the local and states will. The real problem is the politicians who have allowed their pet ( police ) dogs to do whatever they please in the yard full of helpless chickens. I would require you to lookup-

Christopher Jordan Dorner

His Story is interesting and heartbreaking. Where was the public when this man needed EVERYONE’S help



I haven’t Forgotten CCP

Right now the rest of the world are watching the protest in the states. All the while forgetting that we are still in a pandemic and our black brothers in China are still being treated poorly. The Chinese Communist Party still continues to push the narrative that the virus is another nation’s fault while washing their hands of responsibility. We can’t forget without a shadow of a doubt that the Chinese government is responsible for the spreading of this virus.

I won’t forget that China want lands in Africa and resources but don’t respect black people. You should be worry that the mainstream media isn’t calling out China on their cover-up of the origins of this virus. A coverup that has cost thousands of families heartache and financial ruin. It makes you wonder why aren’t the media calling out China on this? The governments and the media most begin a campaign of making China pay for this crisis.

And in Africa, some nations have already kicked out Chinese migrant workers. But I doubt the media will push the agenda to hold them accountable because it seems like it’s not in their favor if the public is aware of this fact. It’s up to independent media to keep the pressure on these racists.

If you look, one will see that the mainstream media has already forgotten our brothers in China. Since the story was hot they reported on it for ratings and now they are nowhere to be seen. Look for yourself and you will see China is behind this pandemic.