The End

End of the road for this website. I honestly have lost all desire to continue to speak while the dead-brain populist is led happily to their slaughter.

One can not speak of educating the lost when you receive the true verdict. And that is the majority of people are stupid, selfish, guided by self-interest, racist, xenophobic, crooked, two-face backstabbers, enjoy the lies from government officials for their comfort, enjoy enslavement from the system, enjoy conformity, and enjoy group-think which is the downfall of humanity.

How many people have been murdered, falsely imprisoned, and had their lives ruined by governments or corporations? All just so they could get the information out to EVERYBODY so something could be done about an injustice/crime that needed avenged.

And what do people do? Noting. People get mad because the rich get richer, chill on their yachts, and do not give a fuck about anyone. Maybe because they figured out people ain’t worth saving.

At this point in history the human population is two mins away from total enslavement. Something they are ok with. Anyway, let this website be a guide for the enlighten one’s out there. Good luck and see you in OROSEI.


Mr Biden: Stop Pointing Fingers!

This has been a funny and strange week indeed because I heard a joke that could’ve only been written by George Carlin. The joke goes like this: “Mr President, after everything we have seen, are you ready to call Putin a war criminal?” Biden, “Oh, I think he is a war criminal.”

That is one of the funniest, insane statements of the year and the year has just begun. A well-know war criminal calling out another leader for his crimes against humanity. Self-righteous, delusions of grandeur, war criminal, serial killer, and a hardcore malignant narcissist.

That’s what Joe Biden is, all these things and more. Actually, the administration that was in the white house before Trump consists of all these personalties traits describe above. Let’s not forget Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Obama’s entire cabinet should have been put on trial for war crimes at The Hague.

These people were involved in the assassination of a head of state in 2011 and noting was done about it. And yet the American people vote (Biden) this man into office again. Forgetting that (or maybe they just don’t care) him and his criminal friends were responsible for the chaos in Libya, Syria and the “Arab Spring.” But what can you say or do about it?

Noting! No one is gonna put an international arrest warrant for any past president and his cabinet and enforce it. I’ll give America is due. They have manager to do what no country in history has ever done. The successful take over of this entire planet through (dollar) silent means. So yes, please accuse Puten of war crimes. But hey, don‘t forget to mention your good friend Obama who murdered a 16-year-old boy by a drone strike.


Ukraine: The Land Of Backward Racists

Berlin,(TSI)-Before the recent events started in Ukraine and made that country righteous and somehow a victim overnight in the eyes of the white-lead international media. I started to take notice of that country when the then president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych was outsed during the Ukraine revolution of 2014. And then the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down at the Russia–Ukraine border. The downing of that flight bothered me tremendously because that could have easily been my family on that flight.

I didn’t know any of those people but i felt heart ache for everyone onboard. Maybe you are asking what is my problem with Ukraine? Well, first off, I could give a shit about that country in its problems. Since 2014, I have kept tabs on that country because simply it is worrying. For example, I’am only one country removed from that racist-war-torn place. If you removed Poland then that country would be my neighbor. I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that Hitlers devout followers were so close.

I say, it’s funny how all of certain Ukraine is the victim now giving the media’s rebranding of that country. And the rebranding is working very well because people forget the true Ukraine, quickly. But that requires knowledge of knowing doesn’t it? Well, the country is bathed in racism, tribalism, and xenophobia. The tribalism part is to much to write about so I will just leave that out. Lets focus on the right-wing groups of the country such as, the “Azov Battalion.” This group fought against Russia during the 2014 chaos.

For their efforts they were incorporated into National Guard of Ukraine. But guess what? They are a ultra -extreme right-wing neo-Nazi group that are now part of the state. Isn’t that great? Other groups such as S14, another neo-Nazi party that have been giving funds by the state of Ukraine to educate the youth on “national patriotism.” The group was also responsible for an attack on a Romani camp. The Romani people of Ukraine originate from Northern India and have lived in Ukraine for a least 800 years. But I guess that didn’t matter to the group of racist who attacked them.

And yet this group of Nazis were giving permission to patrol the streets of the capital by the state. The “Right Sector,” another neo-Nazi group that is giving support from the locals and the government. Also, attacks and harassment on non-European looking groups have been going on for years. It’s been a well known fact amongst intelligent Africans, Indians, Chinese, and Koreans that Ukrainians are racist. Now today I hear on the news that black families are being denied proper access to leave that shit country.

That white Ukrainians families are giving special treatment over black people who have lived in that shit hole for years. But again, it is no surprise as this is the true nature of these people. I care not for this racist backwoods country who oppress others then claim victimhood when a much tougher adversary arises. And they expect the world to start a world war on their behalf? Please, let them fend for themselves.

The Mainstream Media Racism On Refugee’s
There is also blatant racism coming from the media. I did notice how the refugee’s from Ukraine were treated by Poland and Germany. I saw video on the news of people waiting with food boxes and packages to give to families between the border of Germany and Poland. There were no such welcome for Syrians and Africans arriving.

Check this news package from the WION news:

Russia vs The Western Powers

Berlin, (TSI)- This month of February I had plans of writing several articles that are dear to me. Well, that was the plan anyway. But, others things come first such as taking care of two daughters and a pregnant wife. Then it’s also the struggle of living in a different country and any American who has lived in a different land knows what i mean by struggling. And then its the virus that has drained me, too. Always worrying when you go to the grocery store that you might catch it.

Nonetheless, I have felt drained at the end of the day-all I want to do is lie down and watch (Vikings) Netflix. That was until I witness the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and this event prompted me to write my opinion on the matter. First, the negative campaign of propaganda I’ve seen towards Russia from (ignoring the fact Ukraine is a fully racist country towards foreigners of dark skin) the media in the EU and America has been on borderline discrimination. I mean there has always been a racist element from the US media/film industry towards Russians. And now with the conflict between the two countries. The anti-Russian media has a green card to go all out with the us vs them, narrative.

I have a question? When should the media and talking heads of those companies be held accountable for instigating bloodshed and death? Since this situation arose not one western media company has explained Russia’s actions, not one, only to display Russia and a negative light. The problem is my follow Americans like to look at the world with a black and white lens, a good vs evil mentality but yet forget to look in the mirror at their governments actions around the world. Maybe America isn’t so great as it claims since it is the reason all this has happened.

The US government has meddle and fiddle in Eastern Europe since the fall of the USSR. If you want to know why Russia has responded as they have then look up the the events in Ukraine in 2014, the western media propaganda towards Belarus, and NATOs expansion into Eastern Europe. Then you will have your answers. For the USA and the mad men who run it this is all a game for them. Involving yourself in cultures and regions of the world you have no idea about. This isn’t Texas, Florida or California.

A lot of these countries history go back a thousand years or more. For instants, I have touch buildings that are much older than the birth of the United States. You (America) don’t belong over here on this side of the world and you should stop playing games with Russia. This situation isn’t Libya, Iraq, or Syria. But some people think they are tough and gangster such as Liz Truss, The Foreign Secretary of Britain. These were her comments on the Ukraine situation, “If we don’t stop Putin in Ukraine we are going to see others under threat – the Baltics, Poland, Moldova – and it could end up in a conflict with Nato. We do not want to go there. That is why it is so important we make the sacrifices now.”

Well hell, bitch! You should pick up a gun and go fight and by all means make the sacrifice as no one would miss your dumb-as-rocks-ass. No, i doubt Liz will do that because she will expect others to fight on her behalf while she go to snobby parties for the rich in the “City of London”. And now because of this bitch opening her stupid mouth without thinking, Putin has his nuclear forces on high alert. Everybody give a round of applauds for Liz Truss for bringing the world even closer to nuclear war.

I said it before, the Russians will blow everything up if comes down to it, this is serious and my fellow Americans need to start holding their politicians accountable for their meddling in other countries’ affairs and cultures for which they do not understand. This one will cost us all if this isn’t handle right. By the way, that man might decide to start a nuclear war just for those terrorist financial sanctions put upon Russia. Which by the way is a wonderful idea is to piss ( playing with his money) off a man with nuclear weapons.

Here is a List of US aggression since the end of WW2

Do We Deserve Democracy?

Berlin-(TSI)- I sit here and wonder, and think about about freedom and choice. The choice to decide your life and the way you want to live it. The freedom to express yourself in anyway you see fit. But lately, I’ve wondered If we in Europe and the United States deserve freedom of choice. I’ve wondered lately maybe its better to have the whole population controlled than to give them the choice of individual decision making.

When my grandfather/mentor took over Cuba in the 1950s. He slowly realized it was better to control the masses if the PCC were to stay in power. At that time the USA tried its best to assassinate Fidel Castro. Castro knew that humans are selfish and self-serving by nature and couldn’t be trusted to behave for the good of all. So, he knew it was better to operate in the sphere of population control. Why I’m saying this, you ask?

The Coronavirus, and people’s reaction to it in the west has completely (as stated before) changed my thinking. For example, other countries such as China, New Zealand and Eritrea had strict lockdown measures to curb infection rates. There were no protesting and crying, talking about our rights from a selfish point of view. I always said to family members if i was in charge of the populists of Europe and the USA the pandemic would have been over a long time ago. Let me explain: all protest would have been deemed illegal with a fine of 10,000 €/$ and a jail sentence of one year in jail. I would deploy the full force of state, and local police. The full force of the military to ensure people stay in their houses. Restaurants, hotels and all forms of entertainment would be close. All supermarkets would be closed. The food could be deliver to your goddam house. All transportation would be stop, that means no civilian automobiles on the street unless you work in the medical field or for the government. All airplane, trains and borders are closed until further notice.

I swear on my life I would have established an autocratic government and ended this nightmare. You look at us in the west and you see a bunch of 1st world cry babies who take their freedoms for granted. The first time in our lifetime were everyone needs to think for the greater good of others and they can’t even do that. WE! Who let our politicians run amok without facing consequences or holding the crooked mainstream media accountable for their bullshit.

We don’t excise our freedoms in a responsibly way, so maybe we don’t deserve Democracy. I could go on and list a dozen examples of why we aren’t deserving but I won’t. Anyway, it was just a thought.


Berlin, (TSI)-Happy new year to everyone around the world from the creator of The Social Insider. Now, let’s get down to business. There is something that has been on my mind, lately. And my question goes, is it better to be vaccinated or unvaccinated? I have seen politicians and celebrities bully and guilt-trip people into getting the shot. Maybe, there was a time I was guilty of being in favor of bullying the unvaccinated as well but I have since arrived to my senses.

So, let’s try to bring some reason into the topic that has griped everyone into a frenzy of madness. But first, before I give me take on the matter let me tell you my situation regarding the vaccination. Last year, here in Germany everything was crazy. Infections were high and people were in the hospital. One family member and a friend died from the virus and I thought, shit! I have two daughters I need to look after and its my responsibility to be healthy and alive for them.

My wife and I discussed the pros and cons of taking the vaccine. We decided there is an element of risk taking an experimental drug but it’s all we have at the moment to protect ourselves from this virus. Also, they make you sign a agreement that you can’t sue the company or the doctors if something goes wrong. Our first shot was in June and our second shot was in August. My booster shot was this month of January. Before, restaurant’s and other establishments were closed in Berlin.

Once people started getting those jabs the restaurants opened up again. And guess what happend? That’s right, you guessed it. The masses flooded resturants again thus driving the number of infections up. My wife and I behaved as we didn’t get the jab because we went by the law of common sense. Here’s what i mean: (1) Once you are vaccinated you can still contract the virus and spread it to other people. (2) Just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t still end up into the hospital if you contract the virus. (3) You shouldn’t play russian roulett with your health. You don’t know how body will react if you contract the virus. Some people have lost limbs or needed organ transplants after being infected.

My main problem is that the vaccine isn’t even permantly but temperaray. So how are we supposed to continue to inject our selves with an experimental drug? The only reason they are pushing this vaccine so aggressively is because they don’t won’t the hospitals to be overrun. So again, it doesn’t make sense to discriminate on the unvaccinated when you can still catch it, get sick from it, and spread it to the next person.

The theory of herd immunity is bullshit. I’ve stated before in previous articles what needs to be done to stamp out this pandemic. My closing thought, it’s a personal choice if one wants to get the shot.

Omicron: A Virus Of Concern

Berlin, (The Social Insider)-Omicron, the newest variant of Covid-19 has been labeled, ”a variant of concern,” by the World Health Organisation. The virus was first brought to the worlds attention after South Africa reported it to the WHO on the 24th of November.

Overnight governments of the world began putting travel bans on South Africa and other African countries where traces of the virus was found. For instance, here in Germany, has so far reported three cases of the Omicron virus. In reponse to the new Covid-19 strain, Germany added several African countries to a travel ban. The list includes: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Eswatini, and Lesotho.

The timing of the new virus is a stroke of bad luck for Germany as hospitals here are reaching their limit with Covid patients in ICUs. Currently, Germany has one of the highest infection rates in the EU and many refuse to receive the jab as only 68.5% of the population have received the vaccine. The Netherlands reported that 13 people tested positive for for the new strain who had flown in from South Africa.

Israel has reportedly shut their border for thirteen days. Australia has also delayed the opening of their borders which was scheduled for Dec 1. For many, the emergence of this particular virus isn’t surprising giving people’s carefree attitude towards the pandemic. For the scientist and health care workers on the front line fighting the battle for our future, they know this new strain is just the beginning, far worse are to come.

If say, in the future we lose this fight against Covid-19. Then remember, the culture of me first, the greed of capitalism, politicians incompetence in decision making, and dummies protesting just to be protesting brought down our society. The problem with all of this is that a lot of people are too short sighted to see the long game.

Covid-19 is a long term investor, meaning, you won’t see the consequences right away. But, soon enough you will notice but by then it will be too late.

Young Dolph


BERLIN, (The Social Insider)-Wednesday night I went on TMZ to have a look at some celebrity stories and I see the headline that Young Dolph has been shot and killed at the top of the page. I immediately click off the page, at this moment my brain refuse to process this information properly.

I won’t talk about the issues he had with other people or peoples that could have led to his death. But, what I will say is that I have been a die hard fan of him and his music since 2013. I’m saddened over his passing, I couldn’t believe it when I read what happened to him. Since Wednesday I have been listening to his old mix tapes and stuck in a dream state. As fans we rooted for him to win and overcome the odds. Odds, set in place years ago to trap black people in an endless loop of poverty and death planned by an evil, vile, American white supremest power structure bent on crushing black people mentally and financially.

But, unfortunately uncle toms are planted in the black community everywhere as agents of chaos and are ready to kill other black people on behalf of their white slave masters. Young Dolph was an inspiration that anyone can start their own successful business regardless of the odds. That brother was truly one of a kind and he will be missed. So please, bump his music in your cars, houses, or apartments real loud in honor of him.


Adolph Robert Thornton Jr

England players targeted with racist abuse in Hungary

During the World Cup qualifying round for group one. Players from the England team, Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were subjected to racist abuse.

Hungarian fans began chanting monkey noises and throwing flares and cups on the pitch. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on his Twitter page that FIFA needed to take action against those committing racist abuse.

He also wrote, “It is completely unacceptable that England players were racially abused in Hungary last night.” There are now calls to ban Hungary from future tournaments.

Hungary Epidemic Of Racism

As you know I hate white racist to my very core as a human being. When it comes to racist and racism I don’t believe in turning the other cheek. I hate when white people say, “they handle being called a nigger with grace and dignity.” Please explain to me what is graceful about letting another human being degrade you as you were shit on their heel?

You know what? I don’t believe in grace and dignity when it comes to confrontations with racist. I believe in violence! Complete, whole-hell-raising violence against racist! I believe in fist fights, using bats, using brass knuckles, broken glass bottles or if need be, knives against those racist scum. That’s why I love my white brothers and sisters of ANTIFA.

My mindset and theirs are in sync when it comes to dealing with any racist regardless of what country they are in. Let me be clear as possible when I say I’m not a violent person but I absolutely hate racist. Sorry, but if I were playing in that game I would have refuse to play any further and matter of fact I think I would have started a riot in those stands. Fuck you and your mama if you think I’m gonna let you call me a monkey. Fuck up that whole game!

But it’s Hungary, what do you expect? Decent football fans? Look who’s running the country, Viktor Orbán and his Nazi regime have successfully taking over the country of Hungary with little opposition. Even as we speak the student of Hitler and Franco passed laws that are discriminatory towards my LGBT brothers and sisters in Hungary.

look, I’m not saying that everyone in Hungary is a bigot, that would be absurd. But, there are a lot of them and maybe even more racist than none-racist. Anyway, this is for those racist Hungarian fans who were chanting monkey noises and making monkey gestures:

I hope you all have a heart attack in two days. I hope when you are walking down some stairs you accidentally miss a step and fall and break your neck. I hope when you are eating breakfast you choke to death on your food. And I hope you run out of sperm so you can’t produce any more racist in-bred little bastards.

Hungary is a state behind the times and being run by a in-bred racist. I wish the people in Brussels would just kick them out of the European Union and cut them off economically. With that being said, the people of Hungary would have no choice but to forcefully remove Viktor Mihály Orbán from office and hang him.


Denmark has become the first European country to expel Syrian asylum seekers. Adding, that the country of Syria is safe for return according to Danish officials. Even though, the Danish embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus remains closed having been deemed unsafe to open.

More than 100 refugees under asylum have seen their resident permits revoked and many more applications for asylum status denied. The revoking of asylum status includes teenagers who arrived in the country as small children and who are now integrated into Danish society. At the moment, 33,000 Syrian refugees are living and working in Denmark.

Under Danish law, those who refuse to leave the country will be placed in a detention center. On June 7, Denmark voted to move detention centers outside of Europe. The Danish government plan would be that any person applying for asylum would be sent to a detention center outside of Europe to wait out their application process. The move is meant to deter any future potential asylum seekers.

As the left-wing Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen has stated she plans to make Denmark a, “zero asylum seekers” state.