The End

End of the road for this website. I honestly have lost all desire to continue to speak while the dead-brain populist is led happily to their slaughter.

One can not speak of educating the lost when you receive the true verdict. And that is the majority of people are stupid, selfish, guided by self-interest, racist, xenophobic, crooked, two-face backstabbers, enjoy the lies from government officials for their comfort, enjoy enslavement from the system, enjoy conformity, and enjoy group-think which is the downfall of humanity.

How many people have been murdered, falsely imprisoned, and had their lives ruined by governments or corporations? All just so they could get the information out to EVERYBODY so something could be done about an injustice/crime that needed avenged.

And what do people do? Noting. People get mad because the rich get richer, chill on their yachts, and do not give a fuck about anyone. Maybe because they figured out people ain’t worth saving.

At this point in history the human population is two mins away from total enslavement. Something they are ok with. Anyway, let this website be a guide for the enlighten one’s out there. Good luck and see you in OROSEI.