Ukraine: The Land Of Backward Racists

Berlin,(TSI)-Before the recent events started in Ukraine and made that country righteous and somehow a victim overnight in the eyes of the white-lead international media. I started to take notice of that country when the then president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych was outsed during the Ukraine revolution of 2014. And then the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down at the Russia–Ukraine border. The downing of that flight bothered me tremendously because that could have easily been my family on that flight.

I didn’t know any of those people but i felt heart ache for everyone onboard. Maybe you are asking what is my problem with Ukraine? Well, first off, I could give a shit about that country in its problems. Since 2014, I have kept tabs on that country because simply it is worrying. For example, I’am only one country removed from that racist-war-torn place. If you removed Poland then that country would be my neighbor. I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that Hitlers devout followers were so close.

I say, it’s funny how all of certain Ukraine is the victim now giving the media’s rebranding of that country. And the rebranding is working very well because people forget the true Ukraine, quickly. But that requires knowledge of knowing doesn’t it? Well, the country is bathed in racism, tribalism, and xenophobia. The tribalism part is to much to write about so I will just leave that out. Lets focus on the right-wing groups of the country such as, the “Azov Battalion.” This group fought against Russia during the 2014 chaos.

For their efforts they were incorporated into National Guard of Ukraine. But guess what? They are a ultra -extreme right-wing neo-Nazi group that are now part of the state. Isn’t that great? Other groups such as S14, another neo-Nazi party that have been giving funds by the state of Ukraine to educate the youth on “national patriotism.” The group was also responsible for an attack on a Romani camp. The Romani people of Ukraine originate from Northern India and have lived in Ukraine for a least 800 years. But I guess that didn’t matter to the group of racist who attacked them.

And yet this group of Nazis were giving permission to patrol the streets of the capital by the state. The “Right Sector,” another neo-Nazi group that is giving support from the locals and the government. Also, attacks and harassment on non-European looking groups have been going on for years. It’s been a well known fact amongst intelligent Africans, Indians, Chinese, and Koreans that Ukrainians are racist. Now today I hear on the news that black families are being denied proper access to leave that shit country.

That white Ukrainians families are giving special treatment over black people who have lived in that shit hole for years. But again, it is no surprise as this is the true nature of these people. I care not for this racist backwoods country who oppress others then claim victimhood when a much tougher adversary arises. And they expect the world to start a world war on their behalf? Please, let them fend for themselves.

The Mainstream Media Racism On Refugee’s
There is also blatant racism coming from the media. I did notice how the refugee’s from Ukraine were treated by Poland and Germany. I saw video on the news of people waiting with food boxes and packages to give to families between the border of Germany and Poland. There were no such welcome for Syrians and Africans arriving.

Check this news package from the WION news:


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