Mr Biden: Stop Pointing Fingers!

This has been a funny and strange week indeed because I heard a joke that could’ve only been written by George Carlin. The joke goes like this: “Mr President, after everything we have seen, are you ready to call Putin a war criminal?” Biden, “Oh, I think he is a war criminal.”

That is one of the funniest, insane statements of the year and the year has just begun. A well-know war criminal calling out another leader for his crimes against humanity. Self-righteous, delusions of grandeur, war criminal, serial killer, and a hardcore malignant narcissist.

That’s what Joe Biden is, all these things and more. Actually, the administration that was in the white house before Trump consists of all these personalties traits describe above. Let’s not forget Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Obama’s entire cabinet should have been put on trial for war crimes at The Hague.

These people were involved in the assassination of a head of state in 2011 and noting was done about it. And yet the American people vote (Biden) this man into office again. Forgetting that (or maybe they just don’t care) him and his criminal friends were responsible for the chaos in Libya, Syria and the “Arab Spring.” But what can you say or do about it?

Noting! No one is gonna put an international arrest warrant for any past president and his cabinet and enforce it. I’ll give America is due. They have manager to do what no country in history has ever done. The successful take over of this entire planet through (dollar) silent means. So yes, please accuse Puten of war crimes. But hey, don‘t forget to mention your good friend Obama who murdered a 16-year-old boy by a drone strike.



Ukraine: The Land Of Backward Racists

Berlin,(TSI)-Before the recent events started in Ukraine and made that country righteous and somehow a victim overnight in the eyes of the white-lead international media. I started to take notice of that country when the then president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych was outsed during the Ukraine revolution of 2014. And then the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down at the Russia–Ukraine border. The downing of that flight bothered me tremendously because that could have easily been my family on that flight.

I didn’t know any of those people but i felt heart ache for everyone onboard. Maybe you are asking what is my problem with Ukraine? Well, first off, I could give a shit about that country in its problems. Since 2014, I have kept tabs on that country because simply it is worrying. For example, I’am only one country removed from that racist-war-torn place. If you removed Poland then that country would be my neighbor. I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that Hitlers devout followers were so close.

I say, it’s funny how all of certain Ukraine is the victim now giving the media’s rebranding of that country. And the rebranding is working very well because people forget the true Ukraine, quickly. But that requires knowledge of knowing doesn’t it? Well, the country is bathed in racism, tribalism, and xenophobia. The tribalism part is to much to write about so I will just leave that out. Lets focus on the right-wing groups of the country such as, the “Azov Battalion.” This group fought against Russia during the 2014 chaos.

For their efforts they were incorporated into National Guard of Ukraine. But guess what? They are a ultra -extreme right-wing neo-Nazi group that are now part of the state. Isn’t that great? Other groups such as S14, another neo-Nazi party that have been giving funds by the state of Ukraine to educate the youth on “national patriotism.” The group was also responsible for an attack on a Romani camp. The Romani people of Ukraine originate from Northern India and have lived in Ukraine for a least 800 years. But I guess that didn’t matter to the group of racist who attacked them.

And yet this group of Nazis were giving permission to patrol the streets of the capital by the state. The “Right Sector,” another neo-Nazi group that is giving support from the locals and the government. Also, attacks and harassment on non-European looking groups have been going on for years. It’s been a well known fact amongst intelligent Africans, Indians, Chinese, and Koreans that Ukrainians are racist. Now today I hear on the news that black families are being denied proper access to leave that shit country.

That white Ukrainians families are giving special treatment over black people who have lived in that shit hole for years. But again, it is no surprise as this is the true nature of these people. I care not for this racist backwoods country who oppress others then claim victimhood when a much tougher adversary arises. And they expect the world to start a world war on their behalf? Please, let them fend for themselves.

The Mainstream Media Racism On Refugee’s
There is also blatant racism coming from the media. I did notice how the refugee’s from Ukraine were treated by Poland and Germany. I saw video on the news of people waiting with food boxes and packages to give to families between the border of Germany and Poland. There were no such welcome for Syrians and Africans arriving.

Check this news package from the WION news:

Russia vs The Western Powers

Berlin, (TSI)- This month of February I had plans of writing several articles that are dear to me. Well, that was the plan anyway. But, others things come first such as taking care of two daughters and a pregnant wife. Then it’s also the struggle of living in a different country and any American who has lived in a different land knows what i mean by struggling. And then its the virus that has drained me, too. Always worrying when you go to the grocery store that you might catch it.

Nonetheless, I have felt drained at the end of the day-all I want to do is lie down and watch (Vikings) Netflix. That was until I witness the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and this event prompted me to write my opinion on the matter. First, the negative campaign of propaganda I’ve seen towards Russia from (ignoring the fact Ukraine is a fully racist country towards foreigners of dark skin) the media in the EU and America has been on borderline discrimination. I mean there has always been a racist element from the US media/film industry towards Russians. And now with the conflict between the two countries. The anti-Russian media has a green card to go all out with the us vs them, narrative.

I have a question? When should the media and talking heads of those companies be held accountable for instigating bloodshed and death? Since this situation arose not one western media company has explained Russia’s actions, not one, only to display Russia and a negative light. The problem is my follow Americans like to look at the world with a black and white lens, a good vs evil mentality but yet forget to look in the mirror at their governments actions around the world. Maybe America isn’t so great as it claims since it is the reason all this has happened.

The US government has meddle and fiddle in Eastern Europe since the fall of the USSR. If you want to know why Russia has responded as they have then look up the the events in Ukraine in 2014, the western media propaganda towards Belarus, and NATOs expansion into Eastern Europe. Then you will have your answers. For the USA and the mad men who run it this is all a game for them. Involving yourself in cultures and regions of the world you have no idea about. This isn’t Texas, Florida or California.

A lot of these countries history go back a thousand years or more. For instants, I have touch buildings that are much older than the birth of the United States. You (America) don’t belong over here on this side of the world and you should stop playing games with Russia. This situation isn’t Libya, Iraq, or Syria. But some people think they are tough and gangster such as Liz Truss, The Foreign Secretary of Britain. These were her comments on the Ukraine situation, “If we don’t stop Putin in Ukraine we are going to see others under threat – the Baltics, Poland, Moldova – and it could end up in a conflict with Nato. We do not want to go there. That is why it is so important we make the sacrifices now.”

Well hell, bitch! You should pick up a gun and go fight and by all means make the sacrifice as no one would miss your dumb-as-rocks-ass. No, i doubt Liz will do that because she will expect others to fight on her behalf while she go to snobby parties for the rich in the “City of London”. And now because of this bitch opening her stupid mouth without thinking, Putin has his nuclear forces on high alert. Everybody give a round of applauds for Liz Truss for bringing the world even closer to nuclear war.

I said it before, the Russians will blow everything up if comes down to it, this is serious and my fellow Americans need to start holding their politicians accountable for their meddling in other countries’ affairs and cultures for which they do not understand. This one will cost us all if this isn’t handle right. By the way, that man might decide to start a nuclear war just for those terrorist financial sanctions put upon Russia. Which by the way is a wonderful idea is to piss ( playing with his money) off a man with nuclear weapons.

Here is a List of US aggression since the end of WW2