Do We Deserve Democracy?

Berlin-(TSI)- I sit here and wonder, and think about about freedom and choice. The choice to decide your life and the way you want to live it. The freedom to express yourself in anyway you see fit. But lately, I’ve wondered If we in Europe and the United States deserve freedom of choice. I’ve wondered lately maybe its better to have the whole population controlled than to give them the choice of individual decision making.

When my grandfather/mentor took over Cuba in the 1950s. He slowly realized it was better to control the masses if the PCC were to stay in power. At that time the USA tried its best to assassinate Fidel Castro. Castro knew that humans are selfish and self-serving by nature and couldn’t be trusted to behave for the good of all. So, he knew it was better to operate in the sphere of population control. Why I’m saying this, you ask?

The Coronavirus, and people’s reaction to it in the west has completely (as stated before) changed my thinking. For example, other countries such as China, New Zealand and Eritrea had strict lockdown measures to curb infection rates. There were no protesting and crying, talking about our rights from a selfish point of view. I always said to family members if i was in charge of the populists of Europe and the USA the pandemic would have been over a long time ago. Let me explain: all protest would have been deemed illegal with a fine of 10,000 €/$ and a jail sentence of one year in jail. I would deploy the full force of state, and local police. The full force of the military to ensure people stay in their houses. Restaurants, hotels and all forms of entertainment would be close. All supermarkets would be closed. The food could be deliver to your goddam house. All transportation would be stop, that means no civilian automobiles on the street unless you work in the medical field or for the government. All airplane, trains and borders are closed until further notice.

I swear on my life I would have established an autocratic government and ended this nightmare. You look at us in the west and you see a bunch of 1st world cry babies who take their freedoms for granted. The first time in our lifetime were everyone needs to think for the greater good of others and they can’t even do that. WE! Who let our politicians run amok without facing consequences or holding the crooked mainstream media accountable for their bullshit.

We don’t excise our freedoms in a responsibly way, so maybe we don’t deserve Democracy. I could go on and list a dozen examples of why we aren’t deserving but I won’t. Anyway, it was just a thought.


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