Berlin, (TSI)-Happy new year to everyone around the world from the creator of The Social Insider. Now, let’s get down to business. There is something that has been on my mind, lately. And my question goes, is it better to be vaccinated or unvaccinated? I have seen politicians and celebrities bully and guilt-trip people into getting the shot. Maybe, there was a time I was guilty of being in favor of bullying the unvaccinated as well but I have since arrived to my senses.

So, let’s try to bring some reason into the topic that has griped everyone into a frenzy of madness. But first, before I give me take on the matter let me tell you my situation regarding the vaccination. Last year, here in Germany everything was crazy. Infections were high and people were in the hospital. One family member and a friend died from the virus and I thought, shit! I have two daughters I need to look after and its my responsibility to be healthy and alive for them.

My wife and I discussed the pros and cons of taking the vaccine. We decided there is an element of risk taking an experimental drug but it’s all we have at the moment to protect ourselves from this virus. Also, they make you sign a agreement that you can’t sue the company or the doctors if something goes wrong. Our first shot was in June and our second shot was in August. My booster shot was this month of January. Before, restaurant’s and other establishments were closed in Berlin.

Once people started getting those jabs the restaurants opened up again. And guess what happend? That’s right, you guessed it. The masses flooded resturants again thus driving the number of infections up. My wife and I behaved as we didn’t get the jab because we went by the law of common sense. Here’s what i mean: (1) Once you are vaccinated you can still contract the virus and spread it to other people. (2) Just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t still end up into the hospital if you contract the virus. (3) You shouldn’t play russian roulett with your health. You don’t know how body will react if you contract the virus. Some people have lost limbs or needed organ transplants after being infected.

My main problem is that the vaccine isn’t even permantly but temperaray. So how are we supposed to continue to inject our selves with an experimental drug? The only reason they are pushing this vaccine so aggressively is because they don’t won’t the hospitals to be overrun. So again, it doesn’t make sense to discriminate on the unvaccinated when you can still catch it, get sick from it, and spread it to the next person.

The theory of herd immunity is bullshit. I’ve stated before in previous articles what needs to be done to stamp out this pandemic. My closing thought, it’s a personal choice if one wants to get the shot.