Young Dolph


BERLIN, (The Social Insider)-Wednesday night I went on TMZ to have a look at some celebrity stories and I see the headline that Young Dolph has been shot and killed at the top of the page. I immediately click off the page, at this moment my brain refuse to process this information properly.

I won’t talk about the issues he had with other people or peoples that could have led to his death. But, what I will say is that I have been a die hard fan of him and his music since 2013. I’m saddened over his passing, I couldn’t believe it when I read what happened to him. Since Wednesday I have been listening to his old mix tapes and stuck in a dream state. As fans we rooted for him to win and overcome the odds. Odds, set in place years ago to trap black people in an endless loop of poverty and death planned by an evil, vile, American white supremest power structure bent on crushing black people mentally and financially.

But, unfortunately uncle toms are planted in the black community everywhere as agents of chaos and are ready to kill other black people on behalf of their white slave masters. Young Dolph was an inspiration that anyone can start their own successful business regardless of the odds. That brother was truly one of a kind and he will be missed. So please, bump his music in your cars, houses, or apartments real loud in honor of him.


Adolph Robert Thornton Jr