England players targeted with racist abuse in Hungary

During the World Cup qualifying round for group one. Players from the England team, Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were subjected to racist abuse.

Hungarian fans began chanting monkey noises and throwing flares and cups on the pitch. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on his Twitter page that FIFA needed to take action against those committing racist abuse.

He also wrote, “It is completely unacceptable that England players were racially abused in Hungary last night.” There are now calls to ban Hungary from future tournaments.

Hungary Epidemic Of Racism

As you know I hate white racist to my very core as a human being. When it comes to racist and racism I don’t believe in turning the other cheek. I hate when white people say, “they handle being called a nigger with grace and dignity.” Please explain to me what is graceful about letting another human being degrade you as you were shit on their heel?

You know what? I don’t believe in grace and dignity when it comes to confrontations with racist. I believe in violence! Complete, whole-hell-raising violence against racist! I believe in fist fights, using bats, using brass knuckles, broken glass bottles or if need be, knives against those racist scum. That’s why I love my white brothers and sisters of ANTIFA.

My mindset and theirs are in sync when it comes to dealing with any racist regardless of what country they are in. Let me be clear as possible when I say I’m not a violent person but I absolutely hate racist. Sorry, but if I were playing in that game I would have refuse to play any further and matter of fact I think I would have started a riot in those stands. Fuck you and your mama if you think I’m gonna let you call me a monkey. Fuck up that whole game!

But it’s Hungary, what do you expect? Decent football fans? Look who’s running the country, Viktor Orbán and his Nazi regime have successfully taking over the country of Hungary with little opposition. Even as we speak the student of Hitler and Franco passed laws that are discriminatory towards my LGBT brothers and sisters in Hungary.

look, I’m not saying that everyone in Hungary is a bigot, that would be absurd. But, there are a lot of them and maybe even more racist than none-racist. Anyway, this is for those racist Hungarian fans who were chanting monkey noises and making monkey gestures:

I hope you all have a heart attack in two days. I hope when you are walking down some stairs you accidentally miss a step and fall and break your neck. I hope when you are eating breakfast you choke to death on your food. And I hope you run out of sperm so you can’t produce any more racist in-bred little bastards.

Hungary is a state behind the times and being run by a in-bred racist. I wish the people in Brussels would just kick them out of the European Union and cut them off economically. With that being said, the people of Hungary would have no choice but to forcefully remove Viktor Mihály Orbán from office and hang him.


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