The Biden-Putin Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Jo Biden held talks today in Geneva, Switzerland. The agenda for Jo Biden were issues concerning human rights violations in Russia.

The jailing of CIA backed opposition leader Alexei Navalny were discussed between the two men. And the international press were all there to instigate the USA vs Russia narrative and to criticize Russia’s human rights record. Jo Biden with his dark aviator sunglasses had the cool look of an American in Europe. At the podium, he answered and dodge questions from the press with ease.

At the Q&A there were a lot of anti-Russia questions from the war-hungry press. I also notice not one question was asked about the United States human rights record. Not one question was asked about America’s chronic racism problem aimed specifically at the black population. Not one question was asked about freeing Julian Assange from the clutches of the English.

Not one question was asked about the US prison system, which by the way is a main contributor to violations of human rights. Watching that sell out, vile evil press made me sick to my stomach. I heard one person ask Jo Biden about a military invasion. A military invasion where? Russia?

I’m sure that mad-dog press core would love to see a world-war. But I can assure you a conflict between Russia and America wouldn’t end the way the press wants. This is a message for all you media people out there. It feels good to sell out to the establishment doesn’t it? Don’t want to rock the boat of the power elite or you will end up in prison.

I understand, surrounded by those fancy office walls and having those fun work perks. That paycheck is big and nice and you get to mingle with those rich folks at those nice parties. Have fun selling out the public for your own interest and destroying the profession of journalism.