Asian Hate Crimes

At this time in history humanity is facing a battle that threatens our children’s future unless we work together. That requires love and understanding amongst each other in order to win against a deadly enemy that has claimed so many lives.

For some of us it has been a difficult time dealing with the mental aspect of this pandemic. For example, I’m lucky as I have my wife and two young daughters. But at the same time I have been betrayed by people I called friend and abandoned and left for dead during this pandemic. Nonetheless, the best revenge against your enemies and pretenders is your success.

Again, this have been trying times for everyone. So, when I look at the news and I see disturbing images of Asians being attacked in the United States and Canada. I begin to ask the question…why? What in the hell do Asians in the states and Canada or the world have to do with the Chinese government deception and handling of Covid-19? Then I think of course. Only in the United States where this level of championship stupidity can be achieved. You won’t see this type of crap in Germany or the whole of Western Europe.

You tough guys out there attacking old women in their 70s and 80s. Does that make you feel big and tough to attack people base on the way they look? Clowns of the highest order if I ever seen some! None of the Asians that have been attacked have anything to do with the coronavirus. Only in the Americas where such stupidity is thought of and manifested. The situation is disappointing and unproductive because attacking old Asian grandmothers is just goofy and cowardly.

If you have a problem with someone then you should protest against the Chinese government. They are the ones who allowed International flights out their country even though they had stop all domestic flights within their country. The Chinese government are the ones who have lied about the true origin of this virus. I, personally don’t have a problem with (despite their racism towards my black brothers in China) Chinese people and love and respect their history, but my issue is with their government and their attempt along with the crooked W.H.O to change history.

So again, why are you clown-ass fools setting Asians on fire and assaulting innocent grandparents? Tell you what, white Americans do this (attacks and harassment) mess all the time on all groups and get away with it so it isn’t a surprise giving white Americans arrogant racist nature. But black folks should know better! How are you gonna be black and practice bigotry on another group of people? You as a black person don’t have the right to discriminate on another group of people. Then in the next breath complain about white supremacy. I don’t see you attacking racist (of all social classes) white Americans or dragging those racist blood thirsty cops out their homes every time they kill a black man.

But you will attack and stab two old ladies like some clowns. All you people attacking Asians are lucky their wasn’t people like me around. Try that shit with me around or anyone like me and see what happens…unless you are eager to end up in the hospital or ( it’s up to you how far you take the confrontation with me) worse. If I’m willing to shoot a police officer if my life is threatened what the hell you think I’ll do to you a civilian if you threaten me? There is nothing worse than a bully and you clowns are bullies, 100%! You deserve to have you face put in the ground for that clown ass shit! I will say it loud and clear all you punks attacking Asians are coward ass punks and you should have your faced kicked in.

Straight up, ya’ll some clowns for real for that bullshit. Honestly, every one of you committing these hate crimes need your ( black or white) ass beat.



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