Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex

Ok, I’ll bite and join the international commotion that is the Meghan and Harry show. There are people who have lost their jobs and are forced to go to soup kitchens because of the Pandemic. But, the international media and myself included have decided to report on this self absorbed couple. Before all this circus began I remember Meghan from the TV show “Suits.” Back then she was just a D-level actress.

How she managed to wiggle herself in the same social circle as the royal family is a wonder to me. Most normal people will never meet the ultra rich or even royals in their lifetime. Because( the ultra-rich) these people run in a different universe than the rest of us. Nonetheless, she managed to (prince Harry) tag and bag him. I have been thinking about this situation and I wonder if she ever knew that she was black?

She probably tried to cuddle with those racist white folks in Hollywood while using her mixed skin tone to escape black problems. White people tend to accept light mix tone instead of dark black. Those racist rich white folks don’t won’t no nigga’s hanging around them. See, white folks like to feel comfortable to speak freely. That means saying or acting in a disrespectful way around black people that they wouldn’t do around niggas.

Because nigga’s ( I’m half nigga) will put a foot in these racist white folks ass. We ( nigga’s) don’t care if you are rich or a CEO of a major business. If you notice at every job that’s full of racist white people. They always hire that one nerdy looking black dude who don’t mind being insulted. But with Meghan’s case I don’t think she ever cared for black people issues in her life. I think she was angry because ( how dare they) the royal family reminded her that she was still black.

Her whole life she has been running from being black but she forgot in those white folks eyes…she is still a nigger. Anyway, it’s her fault that she’s in this mess. We all like to dream about marrying a royal but that’s not the reality. The truth is the royal families of Europe are all actually family. For centuries the families of Europe’s royalty have been inbreeding, inbreeding and inbreeding. Which by the way is absolutely disgusting.

And yes, the English royal family are racist. The queen supported apartheid in South Africa and her family supported the slave trade and colonialism. Her ( prince Harry) husband was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform a few years back. Also, rumors of Pedophilia amongst the super-wealthy/royals has been going on for years and nobody cares about that. The queen’s son was caught sleeping with underaged girls in an international sex trafficking ring.

Nobody’s cares about that. That vampire Prince Phillip continues to say racist garbage out his mouth either about brown people or cultures in formal colonies of the empire. Don’t forget the whole family had ties to Hitler and the Nazis. Look it up yourself! If Meghan would have done her research then she would know all of this but maybe she knew but didn’t care. And the British press? Well, any expat/migrant who lives in the UK with any critical thinking skills can clearly see that the British news/press is racist.

I have been in some of the news offices in London. Usually there would be only one black person in the news office in the sea of white people. When I lived there I remember the print media constant daily bombarded criticism of the men in Brussels. In the UK, tabloid news is the reining champion. Nonetheless, Meghan didn’t do her research about the country of England or the culture.

Anyway, so after so many years of ignoring black issues I guess she decides she wants to be a “negra” again. You can’t have it both ways honey.


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