Charlie Hebdo Depicts The Queen Kneeling On Meghan Merkle’s Neck

I’ve written about this racist publication before. And you wonder why their offices were blazed up the first time. I have no words for these racist clowns. But, “Je suis Charlie,” right? When everybody was on social media jumping on the bandwagon.

The Idiots on Facebook should of check to see why these people were shot up. I tell you now this racist publication isn’t worried about the international backlash from showcasing this disgusting drawing. Because soon Marine Le Pen will be French President.

Then the publication can do what they want with the support from the new President—as Marine Le Pen kick out all the Jews, Muslims, and black immigrants.


5 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo Depicts The Queen Kneeling On Meghan Merkle’s Neck

    1. Thanks. Charlie Hebdo has a long history of racism towards other groups. French culture has a bigotry problem that they refused to address. I have met many people from North Africa who have lived in France. They all choose to live here in Germany instead of France. Their Nationalism that borders on bigotry is another issue. What I’m trying to say is that France culture protects this publication from any real repercussions.

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      1. You should. I think you need access to one of websites where you watch free movies and TV shows to see it. The authorities have been clamping down on all those sites.


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