Another Social Insider Promo

Look, the truth of the matter is this blog might not be for everyone. This blog is for people who are tired of encountering so much injustice in their lives. That means having to deal with government corruption.

Dealing with the greedy capitalists who benefit off the working class. Dealing with coward mangers who threatened to fire you if you don’t bend to their power hungry demands. That means dealing with bullies in society who try to bring you to your knees. 98 percent of culture and news that western society feeds you is horse shit.

Some people are happy to eat that horse shit because they lack the intelligence or are too scared to confront the reality. And the reality? That you aren’t really free but you have the illusion of freedom. This blog isn’t for cowards and yes-men/women but free thinkers who want to change EVERYTHING!

My Promo is for free thinkers… free thinkers only. This website is designed to start a movement, free your mind from being a mindless sheep and to help you deal with daily bullshit in your life. If you are a unicorn than I suggest you go to another website.

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