Government Killing Their Own Citizens

As I write this there are many political prisoners being detained against their will in the United States. Many revolutionary’s from the 1960s and 70s that fought for true freedom have had their rights and freedoms snatched away. And they are all colors from black, white to native Indian. Whenever the state interest were/is threatened you would/will see the most vilest secret programs enacted.

The United States has committed many evil crimes against its citizens. But yet the USA is still, despite its crimes against humanity seen as a beacon of hope around the world. But it is only seen as a symbol of hope by the ones who choose to ignore and downplay US government abuse on its citizens and the minority population. For example, regarding the case of Malcolm X. We know, the “Nation Of Islam,” the US government and the State of New York were involved in his murder.

We know the true killers were hidden and given protection in New Jersey. And one would need to ask, so how long has the sell-out “Nation of Islam and the US government been sleeping together? The Killing of Malcolm X was state-sanctioned murder that is not a opinion but a fact! As were many others of the civil rights movement of the 60s and 70s. Here is the proof that Malcolm’s murder was sanctioned by the state:



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