The video you see above is a reflection of my deepest thoughts when I’m alone in the dark. This is only a small sample of videos of my travels. I have said it before in previous posts that I’m lucky to have had the life that I have had. Traveling and living in different states, countries and the experience of different cultures. The pandemic has ruined all of this at this point since traveling isn’t a good idea. I love seeing new places but I won’t put my family’s life at risk or anyone else. Last February I went to Edinburgh for my birthday and little did I know that would be my last trip. See photos:

I say, only assholes would travel during this time, only assholes. My family and I would like to fly back to Tuscany by Siena for the summer. I wanted to show my daughters the beauty of that Italian region. But, can’t do that because of the virus. And to add to further frustration—I’m finally in the position where I can leave Germany for another (excluding Canada) country. But even though my funds are in place the world isn’t in place for me to move anywhere.

Ok, yes the world is shit but I shouldn’t be sad as I have seen many things. I’m grateful to have lived in other countries despite my frustrations sometimes with cultural misunderstandings. I could have stayed in a small town all my life working the same job forever. But I didn’t because I have always been curious about other people and cultures. At my heart, I’m a traveler and an explorer. And for that exact reason, you can see why I’m pissed off, this is why I’m angry.

I desperately want the world to be how it use to be but for that to happen people have to abide by the lockdown and social distance rules. And This isn’t happening because of people who break the rules. So I blame all the COVID-19 idiots in every country out there. Thanks, for fxxking up the world because you wanted your selfish moment of pleasure.

So go ahead and have your illegal house parties and go ahead and fly to Dubei. The pandemic will still be here when you wake from your fantasies of delusions. And since I’m denied the freedom of traveling. I find myself full of hunting memories of the past. There is noting more liberating than the feeling of being able to start over and reinvent yourself.

I long for the days of walking through the street markets in Spain. Or sitting on a beach at night listening to the waves and the smell of fried fish in the air.


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