The Assembly Line

“I refused to be a fool, dancing on the string held by all those bigshots.“

~Don Corleone~

Last night as I was surfing the internet I happened to come across an interesting article. The article was about a company called, “Pymetrics” founded by Frida Polli. AI recruitment software is being used by a number of international companies. But, “Pymetrics” is only a representation of many AI software being used to evaluate job candidates during the application process.

So apparently, candidate’s play a number of games from their home computer. If the AI determines you did well on the games/test then you will meet a real person for a interview. Hmm, interesting, that a computer can determine someone’s destiny. This is capitalism at its finest. It’s already bad enough that you have to compete with other human beings for a job. Which by the way is completely demeaning that another person controls your ability to pay your bills.

In this slave capitalist system they feed you this bullshit narrative that working for a another human being is honorable. No, working for other people is modern-day slavery. There is no honor in working for other people. Now days, it’s just wrapped in a nice red bow with fancy advertisement instead of forced slavery. For starters, you go to school and you work hard and you believe you will land that dream job.

Well, guess what? Not everyone from your college or university will get that job. They don’t tell you that there are only so many open positions in your town or city for your choosing field. So someone is gonna miss out! Someone will have to move to another town or city to find that job…and that’s if you have the money to relocate. So let’s say you find that job. What now? Let me put it together for you so you will understand the system.

You work, work, work, and work and it’s all for the purpose of making someone else rich. Maybe you are making 60 or 70 thousand a year so you feel important. Now you are raking up a mortgage, credit card debt, and having a wife is expensive, having kid’s are expensive, and you want luxury cars and useless fancy stuff. Guess what? You failed for the trap the system has put in place to turn you into a slave by using your own greed against you. Now your boss /slave master has you by the balls because you have more to lose.

Your boss wants you to do more overtime hours? Better do it before he fires you. You want to take that trip to Asia with the family you been planning, right? Nope, boss says it’s the wrong time to go on vacation maybe you can do it later. But you can’t because the kids will be back in school after summer ends. But your boss/slave owner wouldn’t know that because he or she doesn’t have kids. But what can you do? Right, you do nothing because you have to pay for all your stuff that make you feel like you are somebody.

That was an obvious example of people falling for the system’s trap that feeds on people’s greed. And now companies are using computer games to see if you are competent enough to take and eat their bullshit without question. The people in power see all of us as monkeys jumping and clapping for them. And many of us eat the shit they feed us with delight. Awhile back I talked about “fuck you money.” This is one of the reasons I’m trying to achieve my “fuck off money.” Not for fancy clothes, cars, houses, or any of that stupid shit because all of it is worthless material possessions.

People think the more you have that somehow puts you in a better social class. Please, having a big house or a fancy job or car doesn’t make you better than someone who doesn’t have those things. But, unfortunately in this system you do need money to achieve absolute freedom from people who take joy from exploiting you. That’s why I’m looking to gain my “fuck you money.” Anyway, back to the point. No doubt there will be desperate fools looking for a job who will play these evil corporations AI games.

Yes, for all those fools that are bound to the capitalist system. I would suggest that you Jump, clap, and laugh at your boss unfunny jokes. Because if you don’t he or she will dismiss and replace you with someone else. Better start jumping because you gotta pay for that overly expensive house. Go ahead and JUMP for your slave masters.


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