Freedom For Julian Assange

The day i heard about Julian’s win against extradition to the USA I didn’t pay much attention to it. I was in the car running errands but decided to catch up later when I could give my full attention so I turned off the radio BBC.

It wasn’t until three days later that I gave my complete focus to the matter. I remember it clearly. I began making myself breakfast while watching footage on YouTube on the aftermath of the hearing. There was a press conference and Julian’s father, the mother of his kids, and lawyer were all there. At that moment a feeling of tremendous joy and anger hit me all at once.

I started to shed tears like a child who has had their toy snatch away. This man that I have written about and attended protests for was free from the hells of the American prison system. But I was angry because the injustice of the English legal system that is beyond corrupt! England is one of the most evil, rotten, foul countries in the western world.

All of the MPs in the parliament are full of complete shit! None of those fools in government can talk about freedoms and democracy. When the citizens and journalists of England can be extradited to the racist USA on request. Those snakes in government have sold their citizens down the drain for good relations with the “good old USA.”

The state-controlled news of Britain tries to chastise Vladimir Putin on freedom and democracy. The British news throws accusations that he poisoned Alexei Navalny without any real proof. But they completely ignore the fact that the government is corrupt and is violating international law and Julian Assange’s human rights.

Also, that criminal corrupt bitch, Judge Vanessa Baraitser. She is bought and paid for by the state. She is an political assassin for the powers of Britain, Australia, and the USA. I knew she would reject him to being release. There is no need to keep him in Belmarsh prison. The international game of chess is not over. These wicked devils are up to something.


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