The Long Game

Berlin (TSI)—Last week EU leaders agreed to keep borders open for the moment. They all spoke about taking tougher stances to fighting the new strain in Europe. But, that was last week. Now this week we have the leaders in Brussels arguing with the pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca over vaccine delivery.

MEPs are also in a battle with the British government over who gets the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine first. I look on the news and all I see are a bunch of panicked stricken leaders behaving like children. Citizens of the EU and foreigners who live here like myself do not want to see scenes of bickering that lack clear leadership and direction.

You, (MEPs) who studied at the best schools and had the most privileged upbringing should know better, right? Well, apparently not, because all of you can’t seem to get your heads on straight. First, why would you keep borders open when there are new mutations running wild? In fact, why aren’t all borders closed indefinitely for the moment?

Why, aren’t all international flights halted completely until we get a hold on this nightmare? All EU borders (the debate of freedom of movement is bullshit) should be closed and state travel within any EU state should be stop completely unless it involves transport of goods. Leaders have asked the public not to travel unless it’s essential. At this point, we can see that certain members of the public can not be trusted to do their civil duties.

They are, (the public) let’s not forget, the main reason why this pandemic has persisted as it has. So you (the governments ) ask them not to travel, but they do it anyway and bring mutations in their “suitcases.” Then don’t ask anymore and just start the enactment of large fines and prison time. Maybe then they would get the point when their wife, husband, brother, sister, or parents are sitting in prison.

And the situation is worsening by the minute, we have people dying in nursing homes and hospitals. We have leaders who don’t really know what to do but are also worried about their economies. So they put your life at risk over a monetary system that doesn’t physically exist. You have a public that is extremely selfish and only think of themselves and fail to grasp the far reaching consequences of their actions. Children aren’t able to physically go back to school.

Young people starting university for their first time are having their experience ruined. Some people can’t receive badly needed surgery as scheduled because hospitals are full. Families can’t bury or cremate their love one’s because it’s a waiting list. Just recently, I learned my old teacher and mentor from high school died of COVID-19.

He was a good man and a Vietnam war hero. For three years I was in the R.O.T.C preparing to join the army after I finished high school. I remember I wanted to become a airborne ranger. After high school I decided against joining the military. Out of respect I won’t say my teachers name on this blog. But I’m sad and angry over his death. And then I look on TV and see these clownish people complaining about the lockdown is to long. Tell that to the families who have been devastated from this virus.

Who are you to complain about anything when some people can’t even feed their families? And then we have the weirdos in Amsterdam who were complaining and destroying property over the length of the lockdown in the Netherlands. So the lockdown is to long, tough shit! Deal with it!

I wish someone would shut these unicorns mouths. But none of these protesters think of the long game. We are fighting this virus for our children’s future…so we can return back to normality. There have been to many deaths from this virus at this point. We are passed the line of not taking this situation seriously.


Goodbye Social Media

Today, I deleted all my Social Media accounts. Useless tools that serve no real purpose in life. The only function that have is to turn you into a mindless addict constantly searching for approval from others. I urge you to leave it and never look back. Goodbye Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and fake friends of Facebook. Have a nice life, see you never. Go to hell Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.

A Hard Truth

Sometimes I sit here and I wonder did I move far enough from America. I mean, Europe is pretty far isn’t, it? Maybe not far away for me as I should have moved to Mongolia.

On the days when I only watch local news in Germany somehow America’s shit slips in the broadcast over here. I will admit I still watch American TV shows, listen to American music and watch movies out of America. Why? Because Germans movies are absolutely clownish in every way. German rap is complete trash and it (extreme cultural appropriation) insults me.

I usually watch shows out of Italy, France, England and the northern countries since the quality is better. Anyway, back to the point. With all that said I could not escape the noise that was broadcast Internationally showing protesters storming the capital building. I heard a lot of words thrown around the media without giving thought to the words use to describe the protest.

Mob and insurgency were the words use to describe that event I believe. First, let me say I’m not on any of those racist bandwagon as anyone who has read my blog know what I think of white racist. But I do condone their actions as this is what the black population should have done years ago. In fact, it should have transpired in 1968 after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

If a black revolution didn’t happen then most likely it will never happen…ever. Why? Because the white power structure in America has successfully mentally broken black people into obedient dogs, and that’s the truth. And most likely The police in Washington would have killed every black face in that crowd if that was black people storming the capital.

That is a fact but that’s why we have a saying…it’s called preparation. And by being prepared meaning we all bring guns and I mean assault rifles. Just in case the police and anyone else would want to go that route. Again, back to the issue. Those racist use their white privilege and right as a citizen to stage a protest that involved storming the capital building.

Agree with them or not that building and all government buildings belong to the people of the United States of America. Not to politicians or any other government employee but the citizens. Those people had the right to use force as a form of protest. As we can see those white people have issues with the government as they legitimately believe the election was rigged and stolen from them.

It doesn’t matter if you or me believe it or not but they believe it. And it’s a whole lot of them that really believe this election was stolen. So much that they gathered in other capitals as well to stage protests. Look, it’s a possibility that maybe the election was rigged but we will never know it because the media has successfully discredited the whole issue.

Let’s not forget the Democratic Party stabbed Bernie Sanders in the back for his bid for president. George Bush Jr. stole the 2000 election from Al Gore with the help of his paid judge. So again, it’s a possibility as people in power can not be trusted and have done things like this before. And back to those words I mentioned before.

Again, that was a protest and if those racist wanted to stage a insurgence then they could have done it. The opportunity was there but they didn’t do it. And far as a mob mentality that wasn’t a mob that was a few individuals that decided to do their own thing. If that whole crowd would have been a true mob then that whole building would have went up in flames.

The media and those greedy, morally bankrupt politicians are making things worse but that’s what they want. To let these crazy racist folks anger fester until it’s too late. Then, the government will use that opportunity to completely take away your rights. And the arrogant dummy Americans will love it because America is the greatest country in the world.

This is the hard truth. Those white racist were the chickens coming home to roost. The whole existence of America has centered around white supremacy. You enslaved the black population and then you set them free into the wild without any food or property. For next hundred years you castrated, experimented, hung, and murder black people.

You say, “we don’t want niggers living next door to us” so you create white flight, redlining, public housing. They build these public housing estates all over the country so black people won’t be seen or heard. White Americans make sure they live on the good side of town and the black people live on the shit side. With all that you make sure the system is rigged so your little white kids get the best education and the best jobs.

And the cycle repeats itself, the whole American system is based on white supremacy. American whites and their grandparents have pride themselves on the identity that the USA was and is a white nation. And now your cancer which is racism is starting to eat you from within. Donald Trump played a game and he played it well. He wanted to see with the right words if he could push and divide America and he did just that. Checkmate!

Freedom For Julian Assange

The day i heard about Julian’s win against extradition to the USA I didn’t pay much attention to it. I was in the car running errands but decided to catch up later when I could give my full attention so I turned off the radio BBC.

It wasn’t until three days later that I gave my complete focus to the matter. I remember it clearly. I began making myself breakfast while watching footage on YouTube on the aftermath of the hearing. There was a press conference and Julian’s father, the mother of his kids, and lawyer were all there. At that moment a feeling of tremendous joy and anger hit me all at once.

I started to shed tears like a child who has had their toy snatch away. This man that I have written about and attended protests for was free from the hells of the American prison system. But I was angry because the injustice of the English legal system that is beyond corrupt! England is one of the most evil, rotten, foul countries in the western world.

All of the MPs in the parliament are full of complete shit! None of those fools in government can talk about freedoms and democracy. When the citizens and journalists of England can be extradited to the racist USA on request. Those snakes in government have sold their citizens down the drain for good relations with the “good old USA.”

The state-controlled news of Britain tries to chastise Vladimir Putin on freedom and democracy. The British news throws accusations that he poisoned Alexei Navalny without any real proof. But they completely ignore the fact that the government is corrupt and is violating international law and Julian Assange’s human rights.

Also, that criminal corrupt bitch, Judge Vanessa Baraitser. She is bought and paid for by the state. She is an political assassin for the powers of Britain, Australia, and the USA. I knew she would reject him to being release. There is no need to keep him in Belmarsh prison. The international game of chess is not over. These wicked devils are up to something.