Zhang Zang

Zhang Zang, a Chinese citizen journalist was sentenced to four years in prison for her reporting on the Wuhan virus outbreak. She was accused of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” That’s their answer to all journalists in China if they disagree with you? To send you to jail for speaking out? Well, guess what? I’m not a Chinese citizen and I’ll report the truth about oppression in China.

You can’t detain me or silenced me or any other citizen in America or Europe. China is responsible for the virus spreading around the world. Lives around the world have been ruined because of the Chinese government incompetence. If the government would have prevented ALL international flights from leaving China then this nightmare would be over.

See, they prevented local flights from flying but allowed international flights to leave knowing full well this virus was rampant. I say, what right does any man or government have to infringe on the human rights of another? Revolutions have been started for less. The Chinese government has a history of kidnapping journalists for speaking truth to power.

The authorities over there have made terrible choices trying to change the narrative of the origins of this virus. Billions world wide are angry and frustrated with the Chinese government constant lies. They would be smart to apologize for the handling of this virus and to admit that they lied to us all.

If not, their reputation in the eyes of the world will be forever damage for hundreds of years to come. Humanity will never forget this tragic event in history that has claimed over a million lives.


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