Fuck You Money/Fuck Off

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this article are the personal statements of the writer. None of the views in anyway represent the “THE SOCIAL INSIDER.”

Stay True To Your Craft

To all my creators I say keep grinding and hustling and stay true to your creativity. At this point everything has become frustrating and especially when you see the clowns amassing views.

You look on YouTube and you see all these fame hungry people gaining views just from making a celebrity gossip channel. Literally, none of these jokers never studied journalism but they are able to gain a massive audience by boogie dancing or whatever while good quality content struggles to gain a foot. Awhile back, a talented artist named King Von was killed in Atlanta.

You look on YouTube and all you see are vultures taking advantage of someone’s death. Gossiping about gang related activity like its a game to play from their computers. It’s easy to make a channel about celebrities and their pitfalls isn’t it? But yet, I guess this is what people want to see. The old art of writing is a endangered animal.

This generation attention span last 1.2 seconds. People are more keen on seeing that buffoon Jake Paul instead of reading a good article that stimulates your mind…..unless it’s about a celebrity female tit.


I remember my nigga Boosie Badazz said that this pandemic was the truth. Any relationship problems you have will be brought to light if you two are boxed in 24/7. The same goes for your thoughts in your head when it’s just you sitting alone replaying your mistakes.

And if you are a thinker like me then it’s really bad to be left alone with your thoughts. This virus has been my truth. Alone in the dark like a open wound it has reminded me of my mistakes in choices, false friendships and my enemies. This past March I quit working security at the door at a fancy hotel. For two years I had to deal with aggressive groups of drunk men and individuals.

I dealt with drug addicts and I saw fights and people being jumped by other groups of men. One person died in-front of our restaurant from a drug overdose/heart attack. I saw child street walkers and high ranking ( local mafia in Berlin) clan members checking on their drug dealers. I saw the cat and mouse game that police and the African drug dealers would play.

All this took place in the “hip” tourist areas for visiting white tourists amusement. But none of this bother me or threaten me because I came from a much dangerous area in the United States. I grew up around real gangs in Mississippi and my father and my uncles were gangsters in New York during the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

So I wasn’t never worried and I knew I would fuck someone up if it came down to it. But what bother me was the snobby, stuck-up, hipster, rich white cunts who would visit on the weekend. Dealing with their fucked up personalites and sense of entitlement was the bigger problem for me.

You could tell ( In Europe) those white racist cunts weren’t use to dealing with a black person telling them they couldn’t come into the hotel bar/club. I have to admit I took pleasure telling a group of racist snobs they could not come in. In their eyes I was a drug dealer and why wasn’t I selling them some trinkets like those fools in Spain on the beach.

But the whole time I was thinking why has the universe granted those terrible people wealth, Money, success and riches. At the end I hated that job but I needed the money to pay the bills. I kept saying one day i will have “fuck you“ money. Sometimes I sit and dream about what I would do with “fuck you” money. No more working for stupid managers and kiss ass co-workers.

No more putting your( ability to earn money) life in others peoples hands. No more trying to get investments for your multi-( Social Insider TV) media company. At the moment, I have investments in the financial market but not enough to get my dream off the ground. I promised myself I will gain my “fuck you” money and bring my media company to the race track.

And another subject this pandemic has brought to light is the thing of false friendships.

False Friendships/Acquaintances

This pandemic has shown me even at this age, married, and with two daughters I still have the ability to choose the wrong ( male and female) people to have around me. I have been thinking a lot this past year.

Two years ago I made the mistake of moving to Stuttgart, Germany. I hated ( still hate it) Berlin so much I took anything that would get me out of here. I won’t say the companies name but I will never forgot how ( the company) you lied to me. I remember they said to me, “ yes we will put you up in a place until you find an apartment.” The whole fucking time I had to live in Airbnb’s and hotels which cost me tons of money and debt.

Later on after that crooked company got me there, “ umm, the managers/company have a policy of not providing/paying for accommodations for employees.” Awesome! Then to make matters worse my office team of three which consisted of me and two other women. They decided it would be a great idea to turn on me and become subtly passive aggressive. What’s that you say? Of course I didn’t like asking you two cunts for help but decided to ask other co-workers.

Hmm, I wonder why? Maybe because you made it seem like I was bothering both of you every time I ask for help. Fucking assholes! Didn’t know it was a crime to wonder around the office and get to know people. Didn’t know I had to stay at my desk the whole fucking time and babysit both of you because you two had no social skills. Here you will find more of my encounters in Stuttgart: Thank You, Mr. Piggy.

Also, a warm fuck you to that creepy African manager pretending to be my friend. Ever wonder why I never hung out with you when you asked me? Remember I always had an excuse. Because I knew you were a slimy little snake. I knew you were a piece of shit when I first saw you in the office. I wasn’t surprised when you stabbed me in my back, you creepy bastard. And to M. and R. First I will address M. For five years I called you my brother and friend. I was the only one there when you graduated from University.

I was always there for you! Now your Nigerian bitch wife comes here and you slowly start to turn on me? Are you fucking serious? When you needed money, I had you, when you needed help with your University work, I had you. For five years, five years I called you my brother. Your knife to my back was like class breaking in ( Berlin, Germany) in this place.

You too R. We Two Americans from the south in this weird ass country with these odd fucking Germans. Southern people don’t do that to each other so that’s how I know you went native you fucking weirdo. At this point, and plus the pandemic has heightened my frustration at this (Germany) place to epic proportions. I‘m just fucking tired of dealing with all you fake ass people in this place…all of you!

I will either move to Toronto like I always wanted or move back to the ( Edinburgh ) UK. But yes R. You definitely belong here. I know you will live here for the rest of your life with your fake ass. Oh yeah, and you all know who I’m talking about, wink, wink. Thanks for calling or writing to check on me. I know I can count on the most realist people in this place when I need help.

Hey, whenever there’s alcohol or weed in the mix, right? I know you all can be counted on to attend, right? Fuck off! Anyway, this is my fault for associating with nerds and clowns. We don’t really (real niggas and weirdo nerds) mix but I was trying to have an open mind. But, I learned my lesson the hard way. This is the reason I always hang with ( what ever country I’m in) hood niggas and gangsters. Never in my life have I ever encounter this much fucked up backstabbing people in one place.

People like to pretend that street gangsters are bad people. Naw, the most backstabbing people come from the suburbs and “nice families”. A sincere fuck you to all the people who had me running after them like I was dog searching for food at that company in Stuttgart. A sincere fuck you to R, M, and a whole host of fraudulent fucks! But if I had “fuck you” money then I wouldn’t have these problems. Kings should never associate with peasants but I did and now I’m sick from their germs.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this article are the personal statements of the writer. None of the views in anyway represent the “THE SOCIAL INSIDER.”


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