Capital Of Dog Shxt

Berlin, the capital of Germany and home to artist, Bohemianism, hipsters, and one of the best party scenes in all of Europe. But, Berlin is also known for something else…dog dookie. Everywhere you go in this city you are most likely to step in a heep of shxt.

Why? Well, Berlin has a motto that says you can be who you want to be void of any responsibility or repercussions of your actions. That means Berliners have grown up their whole lives during and saying stupid things without consequences. This motto also applies to the wonderful dog owners of Berlin. The ones who never clean up after their dogs if nobody isn’t around to see their dog take a massive shxt!

Walking in Berlin is the equivalent of walking in old Europe of the 1400s. Back then, people would throw their shxt out the window since they didn’t have a sewage system. And to make matters worse I live south of the city in the suburbs. My area is a long way from the hustle and bustle of berlin. Here, the area is quiet and consists of young families and old people. But my area is also known for being one of the most affluent areas in Berlin which isn’t bad either.

I love living on this side of town because of the beautiful nature. But that changes when the weekend comes around. What happens during the weekend you ask? Well, this is how my street looks when everyone from the city descends on my neighborhood. Now, usually you can find a parking space but not on the weekends.

My family and I went out later that day for a walk. We found this bag containing dog shxt by our car. In France, they have a system where they can trace the dog back to the owner. First, the authorities scoop a little dog poop and test it.

And since all France dog owners are required to register their dog. The authorities can easily trace the dogs dna resulting in fines for the dog owner. Look, I don’t hate dogs they’re innocent. It’s the selfish dog owners I dislike. Stop bringing your hundreds of dogs in my neighborhood and destroying the sidewalks and grass with your dog shxt! And don’t get me started on the owners i’ve seen abused their dogs in public.

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