The Knoxville Effect

When I was growing up I never considered myself the wearing sunglasses type. Even in my early twenties while living in Cleveland I never wore sunglasses. And the few times I visited Europe before moving here I never wore them.

It wasn’t until I moved to London that I started to wear them but even then it wasn’t that much. It wasn’t until I moved to Germany that I started to wear them more frequently. Though out the years I wasted my money on cheap sunglasses. Most of the time they would break apart after one accidental fall or being set upon. One day I just had enough of wasting my money on cheap glasses.

So I started to look online for better quality glasses to purchase. I wanted sunglasses that represented who I was. I was looking for something that would never go out of style…I was looking for glass-wear that said timeless. Granted I was never the person who believed in spending large sum of money on designer wear. Look at Ray-Bans for example, which I think are just ugly with their small aviator’s frames.

Nonetheless, people spend money on those overhyped sunglasses. The sunglasses I pick would have to be cooler. In 2013 or 14, I can’t remember now, but I managed to purchase the “Knoxville XL Sunglasses” from a company in California called Electric. I was so impressed with these sunglasses that I bought a (yellow and black frames with dark yellow lenses) second pair, “Electric Visual Flip Side.“

The last one is rare given the fact when I looked online I was unable to find them now. The texture, the frame, the way they set comfortably on my face. Everything about these glasses just blew me away. I guess now I understand why some people pay extra money for high quality glasses. It’s 2020 and I still wear these glasses throughout the year. See the photo below.


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