Instagram: A Useful Platform For Fools.

I remember the day I had the idea to use Instagram as a medium to promote my business. Thinking to myself this is going to be great! Like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Those platforms are an easy way to promote yourself if you are an creator. Even though I hate what Social Media represents it is nonetheless a necessary evil to get my point across.

Boy, was I wrong, but I tried to understand today’s culture addiction for Instagram. I think after one year of use I still don’t get it. Ok, how can I say this? Well, Instagram reminds me of High School. For example, you have all different kinds of celebrities on there. If they have something to promote or a political cause they want to bring to light—then they will receive an automatic one million likes plus the ass-kissing to go with it.

I’ve seen creative people on there trying to promote their business or political causes only to receive little attention. For example, last year I was following this ( Former member of Three 6 Mafia) famous rapper. On his page he quoted Malcolm X, pretty much promoting violence. And since I had been a fan of this particular artist since I was a teenager. I knew he was the furthest from being a political person. So I called him out, I commented on his page that he, “should stay out of politics and leave it to the people who are actually on the streets.”

I said, “you aren’t a revolutionary and you are out of line—you being a celebrity your words hold weight.” Surprised, he responded to my comments and we had positive discussion on politics. Also I had a spat with a popular New York City Hip hop DJ about his praise for ( you mean Obama the war criminal) Obama. Again, Instagram is like High School. You had one hundred people commenting on the DJs page that he was right. When ever people like me brought up his crimes and neglect of the black community. You had another group of ass-kissers defending the DJs comments…all in hopes of being notice by the popular kid.

I don’t get it, you have all these sorry saps on these celebrities pages hitting the like button for anything just in hopes that their favorite entertainer will notice them. Then you have the Instagram (paid prostitutes) Models. These bimbo women receive one million likes just for shaking their asses and taking worthless selfies. And what the fxxk is an influencer? Really? It’s all just discouraging, isn’t it?

To see what our society has fallen too, I mean this extreme stupidity that is accepted as the norm. There are thousands of writers who specializes in the art of words. But since writers don’t shake their butts for likes or make a fool of themselves on YouTube or Instagram then they are deemed as boring. This generation needs a ( youtube clown videos) quick fix to help with their ADD. I wonder, how did we go from the golden era of the 1990s and early 2000s to this complete (social media) circus.


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