The One Million Mark

Yesterday, the world hit the the mark of one million persons who have died from the coronavirus. Thirty three million worldwide are infected and the virus shows no sign of slowing down. Cases are rising again in countries such as Canada which have done a better job at keeping the virus held back. We also see cases in England rising again. Here in Germany cases are at it’s highest since April.

But, the virus doesn’t have to worry about fading out anytime soon due to its warriors of chaos. Hmm? “Warriors of chaos?” Yes the men and women on the front line everyday fighting on the virus behalf to stay alive. You know, the “COVID soldiers” who stand really close to you in the grocery store. Or, the one’s who refuse to wear a mask in closed spaces. And let’s not forget the special opps “COVID soldiers.” Now those are the ones who have the important task of carrying out COVID-19 parties.

And let’s not forget the infected who go outside anyway even though they should be in quarantine. They all have a specific job and that’s to infect as many people as possible. Welcome, dear reader, you are invited to the end of the world…maybe.


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