Charlie Boy

Charlie, Charlie, boy! There has been a lot of talk of your five year anniversary lately. It doesn’t matter to me because you lied to me. I just want to say that I’m disappointed in you tremendously, Charlie boy. Why would you lie to me about something as big is this? Well, I guess you didn’t lie to me…you just withheld the truth, you know, your true self. It’s ok, I’m not mad but as stated before I’m just a little disappointed but not surprised giving your culture.

Oh, don’t take that statement as bigotry but I’m only pointing out facts base on the history of the place from which you come from. You fooled me once but you won’t fool me again, Charlie. But You have to admit that you had a lot of people fooled with your slogan didn’t you? Oh, you don’t remember, Charlie? Well let me remind you since your memory is lacking.

I think it was, “Je suis Charlie” is that it Charlie? And to think you even had me posting that on my Facebook page in support of you. I should have known better since I usually don’t do things like this without checking facts first. You had millions of people supporting you with that slogan but they didn’t know about you did they? I did a background check on you Charlie and what I found was a little disturbing.

I know in the past you were liberal thinking in body in soul. But in the last twenty years you became racist Charlie. And Charlie, you know my stance on racist scum. No exceptions, Charlie! I read your racist articles on people from the Middle East, the refugees from North Africa and Syria, the Roma people and you even called black people niggers. Charlie, do you remember how publications would draw Jewish people in papers in Europe back in the 1930s?

It was always in a derogatory tone as if the Jews were coming to take your money, rape your women and take over Europe. But I can’t help but think that’s how your current drawings look of people from the Middle East. I notice even the racist France controlled state media supports you in this discriminatory crusade against people from North Africa and the Middle East.

They say it’s about the fight for free speech but what they really mean is that racist pigs should feel safe to spread hate. Well, should rapist have the freedom and the platform to talk about the people they have raped? Should child molesters have free speech? No, but white Europeans support you anyway even though you are vile and disgusting. It’s not nice that you say a lot of bad things about people just to get people agitated. Look, Charlie I have to go know but I want to give you some words of wisdom.

Anyone is allowed to say whatever they want about a group of people or a individual. But be warned because it’s always consequences from the words you speak or the drawings you print. Try to be mindful of other people feelings and practice compassion.


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