Anti-Corona Protest In Berlin.

Today in Berlin 20 thousand people demonstrated against the government’s plans to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. Many demonstrated against laws the government has implemented. Such as wearing masks in public spaces and following social distance guidelines. Many of the protesters say that the coronavirus is an illusion and the government is using the crisis to take away their rights.

Today, the protesters demanded that the government restore their rights. A lot of people believe that the coronavirus is a conspiracy. For instance, Bill Gates has been used in their conspiracy theories suggesting it’s all a ruse. Many believe bill Gates wants to implant trackable microchips in everyone, lol. First of all, they give Bill Gates to much credit–he isn’t Lex Luthor.

After everything, the biggest winners in this crisis have been the politicians. Why? They saw their economies and maybe their societies we’re legitimately threatened. So they did everything they could to slow the spread of the virus. The biggest losers of this crisis? The people.

For once the public had a chance to show that they could work in unity and solidarity. But, if anything, the public has shown that they need to be ruled by Presidents, politicians, prime ministers, kings, queens, and so on.

The crisis has shown that people are like children and they need their handheld as such. If I was a politician and watching all the immense stupidity the public has done to each other. I would think they deserve to have their rights taken away from them. Why fight for fools who have shown that they can’t even govern themselves if given the chance.

On a whole, this is disturbingly disappointing because if you took all politicians away I have no doubt people would destroy the whole system.


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