No More Articles About The United States


 me the STEYR AUG A3M1!


Also, let me get this Glock 19.


Store Clark: You know how to shoot them?

Me: bruh, I’m from Mississippi, of course.


So as protest rage on in Wisconsin over the shooting of Jacob Blake. The white racists in police uniform allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to walk the streets with a rifle in hand.

No doubt if that would have been a black man or black men they would have been arrested or shot. But Kyle Rittenhouse happened to be apart of a militia group that supports the police. So, the police were happy and so much that they gave the militia group water for their hard work.

And the police were so satisfied with Kyle Rittenhouse handy work that they allowed him to walk around with the assault rifle after the fact he had just shot three people. The boy of seventeen years old was allowed to flee Wisconsin but he was arrested in his hometown of Antioch, Illinois.

Honestly, I’m tired of looking at the shit show in my birth country. Every time I tune in to see the news I see the utmost stupidity. And every time I explode in anger ready to pick up a gun. Buy a plane ticket, fly back to the US, and rage a guerilla war.

But I know if I were still living in the US I would be dead or in prison. I know this, I know this for sure because there isn’t another way but this option. What option? I said it before in past posts that my black people should be armed and ready to go to war with the local, state, and federal government on a moment’s notice. That all white supremacist and their families should be targeted–wipeout!

Every black person should be trained in firearms, hand to hand combat, bomb-making, educated on the US Constitution and laws and the education of defense against all forms of government aggression. The formation of black militia groups would serve these purposes as stated beforehand. Look, nobody wants killing but at some point, people must die for change to happen.

A revolution needs to happen for that country to move forward. You would start by putting all-white racist in prison or worse. No exception! that could be your school teacher, or the soccer mom in the suburbs. To squash white racism in America, you would have to establish authoritarian policies.

All forms of white racism even to the smallest of jokes would see a white person in prison for years. No exceptions! So black Americans can protest and shout and cry but no change will come until my people pick up a gun and start to go down this path.

But yes, I can’t watch and write about this freak show any longer. So this will be my last time mentioning anything related to the US ever again. And Donald Trump will undoubtedly try to cancel the US elections and Americans have themselves to blame for it.

Their arrogance has gotten them in this situation and unfortunately, the world has to suffer for American’s poor choice in leaders. At the end of the day, I don’t live there anymore and I never will again.


Man Assaults Motorists On Berlin Autobahn

On Tuesday, a man turned his car into a weapon as he hit several people on the Autobahn. Most of the victims were on motorcycles but there were no reported deaths from the attack.

The German authorities have reason to believe the attack was terrorism. But, the German police didn’t specifically say why they believe this incident was a terrorist attack—only stating because the suspect yelled, “Allahu Akbar” as he was being arrested.

The suspect, who is originally from Iraq was recently let out of a mental institution. The German investigators have yet to find any proof the suspect belongs to any terrorist group.

Anti-Corona Protest In Berlin.

Today in Berlin 20 thousand people demonstrated against the government’s plans to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. Many demonstrated against laws the government has implemented. Such as wearing masks in public spaces and following social distance guidelines. Many of the protesters say that the coronavirus is an illusion and the government is using the crisis to take away their rights.

Today, the protesters demanded that the government restore their rights. A lot of people believe that the coronavirus is a conspiracy. For instance, Bill Gates has been used in their conspiracy theories suggesting it’s all a ruse. Many believe bill Gates wants to implant trackable microchips in everyone, lol. First of all, they give Bill Gates to much credit–he isn’t Lex Luthor.

After everything, the biggest winners in this crisis have been the politicians. Why? They saw their economies and maybe their societies we’re legitimately threatened. So they did everything they could to slow the spread of the virus. The biggest losers of this crisis? The people.

For once the public had a chance to show that they could work in unity and solidarity. But, if anything, the public has shown that they need to be ruled by Presidents, politicians, prime ministers, kings, queens, and so on.

The crisis has shown that people are like children and they need their handheld as such. If I was a politician and watching all the immense stupidity the public has done to each other. I would think they deserve to have their rights taken away from them. Why fight for fools who have shown that they can’t even govern themselves if given the chance.

On a whole, this is disturbingly disappointing because if you took all politicians away I have no doubt people would destroy the whole system.