Mass Coverup

A Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist at the Hong Kong School of Public Health has claimed that (Chinese Virus) Covid-19 was covered up by the Chinese government with the help of WHO. She claimes that her supervisors turned a blind eye when she presented them her research on the virus in the early stages of the outbreak. She made further claimes saying she believes the government knew about the outbreak earlier than reported. And that WHO actively withheld information on the human-to-human transmission on the Chinese government’s behalf. She now lives in the United States under the protection of the government in fear of retaliation by the Chinese authorities.

My Thoughts

Honestly, the Doctor hasn’t said anything that we already didn’t know.
What’s more disturbing is that the international media has colluded together to blackout any real criticism or investigation into these matters regarding the WHO and the CCP. The mainstream media and the world governments are not pressing the issue with China.

Why? Maybe because they (China) are the second-largest economy in the world. Almost every world government has business dealings with China so pissing them off would not be in their favor. Plus the Chinese government has shown pettiness when it comes to any criticism directed at them. They have shown a willingness to come after international journalists and news organizations who criticized them. But yet, instead of the mainstream news investigating China for (Covid-19) mass murder they choose to focus on Hollyweird couple Will Smith and his plastic surgery looking, wife.

The wool is being pulled over the public eyes with an international dark deceitful propaganda campaign. And now the Chinese government has allowed the WHO to come into their country to investigate the origin of the virus. I can tell you now that this investigation is false since the Chinese¬†government has had plenty of time to dispose of any evidence that connects them to the virus. Many families are starving unable to pay their bills. People have lost their husbands, wives, fathers, sons, mothers, and friends to this virus. A lot of people have and will be kicked out of their homes because they can’t pay the rent.

This virus has cost lives and sent families to the food shelters but Yet the politicians of the world don’t provide any real (But they protect million dollar/euro business corporations ) protection to the citizens. They think if we don’t talk about who’s responsible for the virus and shift any real discussion about the origin of the virus to a “conspiracy theory” then it will go away. The world should take notice because this was a warning shot.

Our civilization isn’t as strong as they would have you believe because our society wasn’t that far from collapse and this wasn’t even the “Black Plague.” When the next (if this current one doesn’t get worse) pandemic arrives, we probably won’t have time to hog enough toilet tissue from the supermarkets.