Barry Wardell: White Chef Yells Racist Abuse Towards Black Driver

‘black lives don’t matter.’
‘I hate niggers.
‘I hang niggers.

‘Put me on Facebook, black lives don’t matter! Nigger!’

This photo is of a Barry Wardell from New Hartford in Utica, New York. Mr. Wardell thought it would be a good idea to Pick any black person he saw and Verbally abused them by yelling obscenities. He decided he’s victim would be Jakeila Phillips.

Ms. Phillips was driving in her car minding her business when the white belligerent sociopath began to verbally abuse her. Unbeknownst to him was that Ms. Phillips had a camera to document the encounter. Well, Barry Wardell wanted Ms. Phillips to post their encounter on social media and he received his wish.

Now thousands of people on social media know his name, and where he lives. But now the coward has already deleted his Facebook page. My advice to him…run and hide coward.

I always wondered why white Americans love yelling nigger at someone out of a passing car. In my years of living in Europe, I have never encountered such stupidity and (ok, once) cowardice. The act of yelling nigger so far for what I have seen is reserved for America. It’s funny, growing up in Mississippi I was never called a nigger once to my face.

But, when I moved to the state of Ohio I encounter a boatload of racism. Northerners like to pretend they are much more open-minded then southerners. In my experience, Northerners are worse because they sell you a lie that they aren’t racist.


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