I haven’t Forgotten CCP

Right now the rest of the world are watching the protest in the states. All the while forgetting that we are still in a pandemic and our black brothers in China are still being treated poorly. The Chinese Communist Party still continues to push the narrative that the virus is another nation’s fault while washing their hands of responsibility. We can’t forget without a shadow of a doubt that the Chinese government is responsible for the spreading of this virus.

I won’t forget that China want lands in Africa and resources but don’t respect black people. You should be worry that the mainstream media isn’t calling out China on their cover-up of the origins of this virus. A coverup that has cost thousands of families heartache and financial ruin. It makes you wonder why aren’t the media calling out China on this? The governments and the media most begin a campaign of making China pay for this crisis.

And in Africa, some nations have already kicked out Chinese migrant workers. But I doubt the media will push the agenda to hold them accountable because it seems like it’s not in their favor if the public is aware of this fact. It’s up to independent media to keep the pressure on these racists.

If you look, one will see that the mainstream media has already forgotten our brothers in China. Since the story was hot they reported on it for ratings and now they are nowhere to be seen. Look for yourself and you will see China is behind this pandemic.


George Floyd

6E8733C9-FF50-4F7B-A9C3-A28628CAD1F3Rest in peace brother. I wish I could say with the firing of those four officers that there’s some justice for you and your family but unfortunately, that was only a PR move to soothe the public demand for blood. Only the conviction and sentencing of these men will do but I doubt that will ever happened. There will be the occasional uproar from black community leaders, and celebrities on social media but the black celebrities will stay in their mansions with their million-dollar bank accounts. People will protest and yell but nothing will be done. There will be a discussion on the news channels but the freak show will continue…the process will repeat itself. the time for peaceful protest has long passed.

Personally, if I had the influence and numbers I would start a civil war to kill every white racist in America. Let me say,  I don’t say this likely to take another human being’s life is the most heinous thing a person can do but racist are the exception. Question? Would you take Adolf Hitler out if you had a time machine? Of course, you would. That’s how I see racist white people as little Hitlers walking around freely in our society. But luckily for America, I don’t have that influence to command large crowds of my brothers and sisters to pick up arms.

And since we are on the topic of guns and violence. I would urge any militant thinking black man to look at our brothers and sisters in Palestine as a handbook on how to upset the order ( the true form of no justice no peace) of American racism. Furthermore, there will be no armed uprising against the racist of America today or tomorrow, only talk. So I suggest a second option. Separation, black people should take their money/spending power and invest in black business. Take everything and just separate like the Jews and the Arabs. All those black athletes, actors, rappers, singers, and business owners should take their capital and leave.

That would destroy the US economy in a second. We desperately need the Establishment of black owned banks, universities, schools, policemen departments etc. etc. There needs to be a meeting of all black business men in the country. The objective should be on how to come up with a way to make separation occur. White people in America enjoy a privilege that is just pure sickness. The order of white supremacy should be disruptive and destroyed.

And to my brothers and sisters ( black and white ) protesting on this man’s behalf. Please continue to vandalize and disrupt their peace. They don’t deserve to feel safe. Make them fear you! Let the racist power structure know we are not puppets.