The Chinese Virus

That’s right! This is my official name for COVID-19. Anybody caught saying COVID-19 around me will be strongly corrected without the guilt of causing offense. ”Well, why do you call it, The Chinese Virus?” Because it originated in China despite what the Chinese government would have you believe. For example, MERS is called ”Middle East respiratory syndrome.” 

Nobody cared about the feelings of the people in the Middle East when they named the virus MERS. What makes China so special that they think they can force people to stop using that name when the virus clearly came from China. Now the big question is where did the virus come from? Did it come from bats or was it man-made and accidentally got out from the laboratory in Wuhan or was it leaked intentionally? But nonetheless, the Chinese government has to pay for the chaos they have set upon all of us. Every person who has died their family members should be compensated heavily for emotional distress.

Every small business owner who’s business has gone down should be compensated. But no, they won’t do that, will they? The Chinese government will blame others for this chaos and with that, we see China’s true face and it’s scary, to say the least. Anybody who criticized the government on (Virus) this issue has been threatened or has disappeared. Research papers and all things related to this virus have been censored in China. They have lied and lied and withheld information repeatedly that could help us fight this virus. No wonder there are so many conspiracy theories out there regarding the Chinese government. I will admit for the first time in my life I was thinking we should start a war against them but that isn’t an easy task and that would cost a whole lot more lives.

All the families around the world that have been ripped apart because of this virus angers me. And what angers me most is that the Chinese government refuses to apologize or acknowledge that the virus came from them. And now, when the shit could not get any worse what do the Chinese do? Start attacking black people who live in China. There are new cases of the Virus so they have ( supposedly) linked it to foreigners and specifically Africans who live and worked there. State media reported that new cases of the infected came from Guangzhou. Just recently the city of Guangzhou reported 114 new imported “Chinese Virus” cases. Less than 20 were African and the rest were all Chinese nationals.

Anyone black has been kicked out of their apartment, made homeless and humiliated. They refuse to let anyone black in restaurants, hotels or supermarkets. The police and the locals harass Africans any time they see them but the locals are walking around freely. Chinese people on social media have been calling for Africans to go home. The situation has gotten so bad that the US consulate in Guangzhou issue this warning to African-Americans.


But who should be surprised at the situation giving the way black people are treated in China. Black people in China are subject to constant looks, hair touching, photos being taking of them, and blackface. I knew the second China started investing in Africa there was gonna be a problem. We have another case of white people coming into Africa as false friends only to have ambitions of stealIng all the resources. The situation is hilarious, knowing the fact that the Chinese have faced discrimination from the Japanese and were occupied by the British in the past. They complain about being discriminated against in the US and Europe but practice discrimination themselves. Maybe some will say I’m generalizing but that’s the point. It’s up to the reader to figure out if I’m making a generalization of a whole nation. But I don’t care if I offend anyone with this article because I speak truth to the bullshit that’s out there in the world. Also, and to add insult to injury I’ve read in America that black American communities are the hardest hit by this virus.

We can’t go to war with you because you are too powerful. But hopefully, all nations can come together and make China a Pariah state. You Chinese on the mainland are some racist bastards for sure and if you think that black people are inferior to you than believe what you want to believe.



A Warning For Europe

That racist devil Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, has seized absolute- power in the government parliament. Because of people’s fears of COVID-19 and talk of the end of the world. MPs passed a bill extending Viktor Orbán’s state of emergency indefinitely. That evil bastard has managed to stage a coup d’état on democratic freedoms in Hungary under Brussels nose while chaos reigns around Europe. When this pandemic is over Europe most promptly deal with this Nazi or risk having another Belarus on their hands or worse.