Greedy, Selfish-Bastards


A long time ago I had a conversation with a work colleague. I think the subject matter focused around the TV show The Walking Dead. I can’t remember all the details of the conversation but I do remember me saying that during a real apocalypse people would be selfish and fuck each other over to survive. He looked at me puzzled and wholeheartedly disagreed with me. As I have gotten older and traveled my faith in people has waned considerably. If you are raised a certain way by parents who have manners, principles, pride in one’s self, respect, belief in right and wrong, and a love for your fellow human being,

then you know what It means when to say that he or she is a stand-up person and they can be trusted on their word. You can try to raise your kids this way but they have to feel it in their heart…it has to be in their nature. That means regardless of what happens in life and what tests you are put through you guard those principles and values with your life! Some parents were not raised to have manners and respect for your fellow human beings. That’s why you have to deal with your boss or work colleague or CEO or banker that has no respect or morals. Because their parents didn’t know how to teach it to them. In the end, people are selfish and only think about themselves…you can’t teach what is someone’s true nature.

This morning I went to the store to buy some toilet tissue and some paper towels but guess what? You guessed it! All the paper was wiped out like a mad rushed had just occurred. I decided I would go to three more stores this morning but only to find that tissue was gone. Even the tissue you use to blow your nose was gone…gone. From Australia, the USA, to here in Germany people are thinking about themselves and nobody else. What’s makes your family more important than someone else’s family. If you think you or your family are more important than you and your family deserve all the misery that comes your way in life.

People all over are panic buying and only thinking about themselves. In the USA, the idiots are buying guns like it’s The Walking Dead. And for the people buying guns…your stupid ass will be the first one to catch a bullet in the event the world really does end. And speaking of greedy, rotten bastards. Let me introduce you to Matt and Noah Colvin. The two brothers from Chattanooga, Tenn decided they would buy up all the hand sanitizer and masks. They drove for miles to towns cleaning out shelves and stockpiling on these items. Next, the two devils would sell the products on Amazon for double or more for the original price.

Amazon caught wind of these merchants of chaos taking advantage of a shit situation and shut them down. These two fools are only small example of people  capitalizing on folk’s needs and fears to make a profit. We humans beings are truly an evil bunch in nature. Not all of us but the majority are just bad to the core. Let’s hope that society never breaks down because then you would really see the animals out of the zoo.

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