The Summit Of The Corrupt

Sunday, world leaders ( just to name a few) from Turkey, England, France, and America descended upon Berlin to discuss proposals on how to stop the Libyan Civil War they started. Libya has been in a state of permanently disorder ever since the western powers murder Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. It’s funny, all I see is Europeans and the Americans deciding the affairs of an African country. We can see by the emergency summit the fighting has going on to long so you know their interest (Oil) they have invested is at stake.

How about this! How about you deliver Obama, Hillary, and Sarkozy to the fucking ICC? No, I don’t think that is on the agenda, is it? I repeat, Libya would not be in this hell if you would have stayed out of Libya affairs. These greedy western leaders converse with impunity while innocent people die because of the choices they make from a high chair. The world leaders have committed a grave crime by murdering Muammar Gaddafi. That state is cursed and you will never achieve your devilish ambitions of stealing the resources from the people who live there.


No Support For Julian?

Julian Assange appeared for a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday. The media coverage regarding his hearing received little attention from the world corporate media. But what do you expect from them? Honest journalistic work dedicated to informing the people while holding those in power accountable for their crimes? No, you get government fed talking points and well-crafted images to confuse you.

The media focused more on Meghan and Harry’s “royal crisis” as that was more important than Julian Assange being held as a political prisoner. This man has been denied access to his lawyers repeatedly so that he could prepare for his defense against the criminals in Washington. The Judge at his hearing, Vanessa Baraitser has made it impossible for Julian Assange legal team in every way by refusing them contact so they could prepare for this case.

The judge has been bought by the British government on behalf of the American Government. On Monday his supporters attended the hearing with signs in hand and chants, “Free Julian Assange.” I’m only sorry I didn’t fly to London to attend his hearing. My excuse, money and the birth of my child are the reason I didn’t go. But, what about the people who live in London who could just take the underground tube there and lend their support.

Huh? Nobody cares, his supporters were few and not the thousands or million that it should be. You fight the system while sacrificing your life to inform the public but nobody cares. People only care when something directly involves them then that’s when you have a problem. Julian Assange’s case is a message to the public that they better stay in their place as slaves or else. But apparently, the governments of the world have already won. Because the mass majority of people are so frightened of their governments that they will accept all types of abuse from them. Fools! Don’t you know your power resides when you all come together to form one fist, not individual fingers?