Italy’s New Grassroots Movement

This past Saturday in Rome, thousands of protestors filled Piazza San Giovanni to say NO to the ultra-fat racist Matteo Salvini and Italy’s far-right party. “The Sardines” are Italy’s new left grassroots movement that has swept through the establishment like a hurricane. It consists of young people and immigrants who are tired of the wave of hate that has engulfed Italy. The movement’s name comes from their ability to pack large crowds of people into small spaces.

Lead by Mattia Sartori and his friends from his university days, the group began its journey last month to counter the opening of Matteo Salvini’s political campaign in Bologna. “We stand for anti-fascism, pre-equality and are against intolerance and homophobia”, Mattia said about the group’s motives. Mattia and friends decided they would use Facebook invites to call for a flashmob rally in the main town square Piazza Maggiore. To their surprise, 15,000 people showed to participate.

Since then the movement has spread to every city in Italy. If you listen closely you can hear the crowds singing the anti-fascist resistance song, “Bella Ciao.”


Zwarte Piet

December 5th is the annual yearly tradition were all the racist in the Netherlands dress up in blackface as Santa’s little slave with a basket.

Frankly, I’m disappointed in the Dutch that they would justify such blatant racism disguise as ”tradition.” But then again, what do you expect from former colonist. But let them continue their racism even though the black Dutch population and and white Dutch activists have said that Zwarte Piet is racist and offensive.

Yes disappointing indeed- In the past I was interested in moving to Rotterdam or Amsterdam and finally leaving Germany forever. But this is unbelievable racism to the next level. I won’t expose my daughters to such demoralizing images of black people looking like clowns for white people pleasure. You know, I use to think that modern day Europeans were less racist than (clever liberal advertising) white Americans. The truth, white Europeans are less honest about their racist thoughts while white Americans don’t try to hide it. I’ve met several people from the Netherlands that said I would fit in there.

Maybe so, but I know if I was there I would be protesting and starting trouble a long side my brothers. Zwarte Piet was ok in the 1850s when black people were seen as less than human. But this isn’t the 1850s anymore you former Dutch colonists bastards should know the world has changed. Maybe your racist culture should change as well. I would seriously suggest you bury that offensive blackface in the past.