That’s Just Nasty


Last Sunday I went out for a walk with my family and in-laws in the historic area of Berlin/Potsdam/Babelsberg. We walked along the river were one could see old Castle’s that belong to kings of the past from Prussia. The area of Babelsberg is also famous because it was divided between east and west when the Berlin Wall was up. Even though i’ve been here a dozen times it’s still my favorite place in Brandenburg to visit. So anyway, as we walked along the paths we came upon this small cottage restaurant along the river. My wife and I had to use the restroom so my daughter stayed with her grandfather outside. As I was using the toilet I notice another person came in to take a piss. The man didn’t take along to finish using the toilet. The thing I noticed was he just zipped up and left without washing his hands. I was absolutely disgusted by his actions that he felt he didn’t need to wash he damm hands. After I left the rest room I mentioned this situation to my wife and I was just sick to my stomach by this. I notice when I go to the airport some men don’t wash their hands after taking a shit! Like WTF!? For some reason, these men have the arrogance to believe that they are cleaner than everybody else so they don’t need to wash their hands. ”YOU need to wash your hands but not me because I’m cleaner than you.” I really do believe this is their mindset when it comes to hygiene practice. That’s the reason I don’t like shaking hands with other men or women. So not to be rude when I greet you I will just give you a fist bump because I don’t know where your hands have been in the last thirty minutes. Look, for all you dirty  dudes out there who get off on people touching your hand fill of shit particles or bacteria from your penis. It’s just isn’t cool, so, please wash your nasty, filthy hands because nobody wants your shit on their hands. You know what? Here’s a short video for all you hygienic challenge men out there having a hard time washing your hands after bathroom use.



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