The Murder Of Harry Dunn

When Harry Dunn woke up on the morning of August 27, I don’t think he thought this morning would be his last. On that day, Harry Dunn was driving down the road in the town of Croughton in Northamptonshire. His motorcycle collided with a black Volvo XC90 boosting diplomatic plates knocking him off into the grass. Harry’s parents, Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, arrived to see their son being attended too by the ambulance. This is the personal account from Harry’s father:

“I could see broken bones out of his arms and stuff. But he was talking,” Tim said, choking up with emotion. He added, “I called out to him and said, ‘Harry, it’s your dad. They’re going to fix you. They’re going to fix you. Be calm. Let them help you.’ He stopped moaning because he was complaining that he couldn’t breathe very well.” Those were the last words he would ever say to his son-Harry died a short time later at the hospital.

Well, who’s is Anne Sacoolas? And what specifically caused the death of Harry Dunn? We know she was traveling on the wrong side of the road from the US spy base, RAF Croughton. We know she was an employee at the Department Of Defence. How did she meet her husband? Most likely she met Jonathan Sacoolas in government who happens to be a diplomat at the spy base. They married in 2003, have two kids and current home is in the state of Virginia.

And regarding the crash, she talked to the local police at the crash scene and more talks followed at her house. During the talks to determine what happened, she lied and assured them she had no plans of leaving England no time, soon. Although, no investigation was carried out as the local police were told to halt giving she had protection status. Later, she would leave the country in secret claiming she had diplomatic immunity because her husband was a government employee.

That act sparked an international debate between Britain and America. What does it mean to have diplomatic immunity and does it mean one above local laws of their host country? It also seemed unlikely that Harry Dunn would receive any kind of justice since England is America’s lack-dog. The parents headed to the States in the hopes of bringing their story to an American audience. The planned worked and so all America know that this spy, soulless southern bitch is a cold-blooded killer.


My thoughts:

First of all, let’s throw the political correctness out the window! So this bitch and her punk ass husband moved to England so they can spy on Europeans, right? Plus, she moves to another fucking country and doesn’t think it’s important to learn the local laws of the road.

Giving that she already had a driving conviction back in the state of Virginia, what in the world gave her the idea she could drive in goddam England? Listen! If you are American and having difficulties driving correctly in America then I wouldn’t recommend you bring your ass over to Europe. I think Anne is the typical white southern American who believes the world should be at her feet.

She’s white, educated, suburban, and worked for the security state. Her husband works for a spy agency that actively spies on you and Europeans. As long as I lived in Europe I have met those dumb ass Americans who live over here because a husband is in the military or the embassy. Those Americans are just the worst they refuse to learn anything about the culture they live in. They never hang with other foreigners just other expats. All ways talking about America like they still live there.

If you ask them what’s going on in the news with their host country they can’t tell you. They receive all their food from the base because they refuse to eat the food over here. They walk and talk with a superior, arrogant-demeanor as Europeans should be happy to have an American in their country.

These types of Americans don’t care about other cultures only another notch in their book and bragging rights at their dog shit dinner parties. Usually conservative, racist, xenophobic, and a strong belief in America’s exceptionalism. I aways wonder why these people leave America in the first place. Now, add that this evil bitch and her husband worked for the government.

She dared to send a letter to the family explaining she was sorry for their loss and she was grieving for their son. Ok, you could take your murderous arrogant ass back to the UK and take that jail time! No, she has kids so that somehow excludes her from serving jail time in the UK for involuntary manslaughter.

If I accidentally killed someone with my car I would serve my time without a fight in court. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to run to another country for protection. They need to get this bitch and put her in the cell for a decade for all the trouble she has put Harry Dunn’s family threw with compensation to go along with it.

Think of the situation in this context…if this would have been an American black woman who hit and killed this young man-I don’t think she would have gotten off so easily regardless of her social status.


That’s Just Nasty


Last Sunday I went out for a walk with my family and in-laws in the historic area of Berlin/Potsdam/Babelsberg. We walked along the river were one could see old Castle’s that belong to kings of the past from Prussia. The area of Babelsberg is also famous because it was divided between east and west when the Berlin Wall was up. Even though i’ve been here a dozen times it’s still my favorite place in Brandenburg to visit. So anyway, as we walked along the paths we came upon this small cottage restaurant along the river. My wife and I had to use the restroom so my daughter stayed with her grandfather outside. As I was using the toilet I notice another person came in to take a piss. The man didn’t take along to finish using the toilet. The thing I noticed was he just zipped up and left without washing his hands. I was absolutely disgusted by his actions that he felt he didn’t need to wash he damm hands. After I left the rest room I mentioned this situation to my wife and I was just sick to my stomach by this. I notice when I go to the airport some men don’t wash their hands after taking a shit! Like WTF!? For some reason, these men have the arrogance to believe that they are cleaner than everybody else so they don’t need to wash their hands. ”YOU need to wash your hands but not me because I’m cleaner than you.” I really do believe this is their mindset when it comes to hygiene practice. That’s the reason I don’t like shaking hands with other men or women. So not to be rude when I greet you I will just give you a fist bump because I don’t know where your hands have been in the last thirty minutes. Look, for all you dirty  dudes out there who get off on people touching your hand fill of shit particles or bacteria from your penis. It’s just isn’t cool, so, please wash your nasty, filthy hands because nobody wants your shit on their hands. You know what? Here’s a short video for all you hygienic challenge men out there having a hard time washing your hands after bathroom use.