Trump’s New World Order

“The future does not belong to globalists,” “The future belongs to patriots.”

-Donald Trump


Today I saw President Trump on TV  addressing the United Nations. Something about that image of him center front of that assembly said new world order. It was almost at this moment that the world had giving up and declared the United States as omnipotent. It’s amazing, we thought that world domination from a another country would occur through military might. But the United States was smarter and learned from the past so they use economic means as a way to secure world domination.

And the best thing about it…its not obvious that the world is dominated by the United States. The world leaders/governments through their incompetents of always turning a blind eye to the United States crimes have essentially dragged the world into a black hole. And any country that rises up to challenge America’s (military/economic) might is immediately put down. The freedoms that Americans think they have has been a long-standing joke behind political doors. Now it’s time to really put the nail in the coffin for the rest of the world from the people in Washington, D.C. Point of View. I think Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak at the United Nations podium but who will stop him? If that happens, then he would probably place sanctions on the United Nations…again, who would stop him?



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