Trump’s New World Order

“The future does not belong to globalists,” “The future belongs to patriots.”

-Donald Trump


Today I saw President Trump on TV  addressing the United Nations. Something about that image of him center front of that assembly said new world order. It was almost at this moment that the world had giving up and declared the United States as omnipotent. It’s amazing, we thought that world domination from a another country would occur through military might. But the United States was smarter and learned from the past so they use economic means as a way to secure world domination.

And the best thing about it…its not obvious that the world is dominated by the United States. The world leaders/governments through their incompetents of always turning a blind eye to the United States crimes have essentially dragged the world into a black hole. And any country that rises up to challenge America’s (military/economic) might is immediately put down. The freedoms that Americans think they have has been a long-standing joke behind political doors. Now it’s time to really put the nail in the coffin for the rest of the world from the people in Washington, D.C. Point of View. I think Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak at the United Nations podium but who will stop him? If that happens, then he would probably place sanctions on the United Nations…again, who would stop him?




AFD Party Gains Ground In Local Elections

Yesterday I had a relaxing day since I didn’t have to go to work and slave it out in the kitchen. But that was until I decided to check out the news here in Germany. Which by the way was a big mistake as I should have continued playing my mobile held hand (PUBG) game. The headline was, “AFD Successful In Regional Elections” or something to that effect. I immediately begin reading in detail about the results. The situation kicked off an hour-long discussion about Germans and the future of Deutschland between my wife and me. A long time ago when this (AFD) party first started getting national attention I instantly got a bad feeling about them.

It’s that sort of feeling you have when something tells you subconsciously not to go down that dark road or maybe you shouldn’t overtake this other car on this narrow road. But, my point, when I first saw professors, university students, school teachers, and young professionals demonstrating in the street for a better Germany. I knew this party was different than the rest of the current Neo-Nazi groups. The old racist parties of Germany had shaved heads and black boots and just looked violent which also scared other conservative old Germans who didn’t like foreigners. I remember talking to my German friends about this party and telling them you should be worried. They all said it isn’t the 1930s and history won’t repeat itself. My rebuttal to those statements was that the AFD is cancer that will spread over time if you let it.

Time has proved me right and will continue to prove me right until its too late to stop them. And when that time comes I and the rest of my family will have left this racist country for the Netherlands or another country. One of the problems is that the party main base has been the forgotten poor in the east of the country. After the wall fell in 1989 everybody from the former communist east block ran to the economic prosperous west which had been controlled by the United States, France, and Britain since the end of WWII. The Russians had control of the east of the country since the end of the war.

During these years after the wall fell the politicians, and big businesses forgot about the people in the east thus abandoning them. The elite of Germany looked down on the poor white people of the east casting them off as uneducated and racist. But all this time resentment was building up not only against foreigners but the elite as well. Now, after years of neglect, a sleeping giant has awoken in the east. The AFD party has a few seats in several states around Germany but they received a huge surge in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony.

I said it before and I will say it again the AFD is a threat to the Democracy of Germany and the stability of the European Union. The party has known Neo-Nazi members in its ranks and thugs willing to commit violence. For us expats living in Germany it isn’t a surprise this is happening. The German mentality is to pretend something isn’t there until its too late. They never like to admit when they are wrong but the racist passive-aggressive culture has contributed to the rise of the AFD. I promise you a dark storm is on its way if the AFD isn’t removed. I would suggest you look at a previous post on this subject: