Carola Rackete

(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Carola Rackete was released from custody after an Italian judge ruled that she had acted to protect the migrants on board. The captain of the Sea-Watch-3 was arrested off the port of Lampedusa carrying migrants from the failed state of Libya. The arrest comes after she was accused of ramming her boat into an Italian military vessel and also violating a navy blockade set in place by the racist Matteo Salvini. Carola Rackete is the sea captain of the boat Sea-watch-3 and a member of Sea-Watch, an NGO dedicated to finding other ships in distress within the area of Libyan waters.

To be honest, I’m always a little skeptical when white people come with the white-savior complex. It’s always these rich white privilege kids with a hundred degrees from these ultra fancy universities. When you look at them they never have one black friend in their circle or never dated any other group. Not to say that wouldn’t make them nonetheless racist because there are white women who date other groups but still hold beliefs of white-superiority. Or they try extra hard to only include black and brown in their groups which is also racist in itself. But again, we should be careful when giving white people to much credit for coming to the rescue of darker skin people plights when their own group caused the situation in the first place. I always feel when you see these white people who try to take over and control the plight of black people it isn’t good really.

Why? Because I think it somehow subconsciously feeds their ego in a way. White people have been told by birth they are the ones with the history and the culture everybody wants to follow them. Every other group on the planet is secondary to being white and European. So when you have these white people from nice backgrounds and nice ( also looks good on a CV as well) degrees get involved in third world matters it only establishes they are the choosing ones. Also, after a while, you will have these white people telling black people what it means to be black. And if you notice these racist organizations never have any other black people working for them at all which speaks volumes in my opinion. But, I will give her credit where it is due for helping those African migrants who were in need of help because she did put herself and her crew in danger to rescue those migrants. Here is a link to the page of Sea-Watch: