Ho·mo sa·pi·ens


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

The photo you see above represents the sign for the church of satan but for me, it represents the true face (Maybe) of humanity….let me explain. Over a month ago I made this photo the main photo on my Facebook page. Understandably, a few people were upset at the posting of this photo considering the universal agreed collective meaning of this image. I had to promptly explain to my family members that I wasn’t a worshipper of Lucifer or a new member of the church of satan. But we all know that the lord of light represents the personification of evil itself. Or, is the Devil actually based off the evils of human beings. Maybe people thought this person committing this heinous act of murder, rape, or whatever had to be posses by an unknown entity, right? So maybe that’s were the original bases of the Devil came from. And Jesus is actually based on the goodness of certain people that walked the earth thousands of years ago. People so pure of heart they had to be posses by good spirits.

Well, this is only theatrical so it’s not to be taken literally since there is no historical proof to my theory. But my question, are human beings naturally evil? If you put a newborn baby in the woods to be raised away from civilization, shared cultural norms how would that person turn out? No teachings about religion or what’s good or bad. How would that person progress as a decent human being? Would they be decent or would they be a savage murderer like no other seen before? I always wonder about people who go to church and worship God. Do you really need to be told what’s good and bad? I mean, don’t you feel that in your heart or has the goodness been subconsciously implanted in you? For example, if you give people the power over other people’s lives they always seem to take advantage of people if they can get away with it.

Such as politicians, your manager, landlords, used car salesmen, banks, policemen, CEOs or Taxi cab drivers. People lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, rape, murder, discriminate, steal and more. Even myself, I was raised in a church environment so that affected the way how I treat people. But, there is a piece of me that bothers me still and I’m trying to work on. For example, I will give a friend or stranger the shirt off my back but if I feel betrayed then that’s another story. I will seek vengeance in a hateful way that isn’t right but it happens. If I can’t get you then I will wish ill on you with all the dark forces of evil. I hate that about myself and I’m aware of it and trying to work on it. But who would I be without the influence of the church during my childhood? Maybe that fire of rage that’s always been in me would have manifested itself into a life of crime and prison. But I truly believe there are people on this earth that are truly good but the chances of running into them are rare as they are few.

I think People should always be careful when they say they are a good person because its a thin line between self-righteousness and ego. The problem, everybody thinks they are a good person deep down even though they might be abusing their wife, abusing their kids, bullying coworkers, starting wars with other countries. Obama thought he was a good person even though he murdered people with drones. Bush Sr. and Jr thought they were good people even though they too murder people in the millions. Stalin thought he was good as well even though he murder people out of paranoia from fear of losing his grip on power. It makes you wonder, are we a flawed creation…a mistake. I think maybe something went wrong in the creation of (home sapiens) us but Aliens in outer space would be wise to avoid us completely. Nonetheless, this topic should be debated and discussed.


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