Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Gone


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Teresa May rode a wave of bigotry, discrimination, hatred, xenophobia, and ignorance to power. Now you see that racist negative energy she projected has redirected itself back on her. Other MPs in Parlament made life difficult for her as they didn’t agree with her racist Brexit deal. The lack of emotions she showed for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 has come back to bite her as well. If Britain is to move forward then the Labour party lead by Jeremy Corbyn must assume control. Otherwise, you will just have the same tune and the same results as before. So let’s rejoice! the wicked witch is gone as of June 7, and she isn’t coming back…hopefully.


15 thoughts on “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Gone

  1. I may not be from the UK, but I heard so much about May being a questionable leader. When I saw that video of her trying to dance in Africa (I think it was Kenya, but I could be wrong), and I shook my head. That’s not getting into her harsh treatment of the Windrush families and non-White Brits over there which was sickening.

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      1. I wasn’t too familiar with everything going on in Europe besides the Yellow Vest movement and Italy deporting half a million African immigrants. Is it really that bad in addition to those things?


      2. Yes, the situation is slowly becoming worse. If you look at the yellow vest movement. You will see it involves tax and a living wage-Something Europe has a problem with in general. And the other problem is that Europe is slowly becoming engulfed by right-wing parties in individual countries. Now they are gaining seats in the European Parliament. But the situation is too complex to explain everything. But, economic reasons are also involved in the emergence of the groups. Also, the Euro leaders arrogance are to blame for this problem. When I first left the states in 2006 and arrived that summer. The World Cup was happening. The whole continent was on fire. It was the best time to be in Europe. Now, everything is different, like darkness is slowly covering over everything. I know is sounds morbid but it’s true.

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      3. Is that so? Wow. I did hear about hard right-wing populism spreading to multiple countries, but I didn’t know it was that widespread. I’m sorry to hear that about the sociopolitical state of Europe.


      4. Me too😔 But all you can do is fight within the legal framework, for now. How’s the situation in America? I left when Bush was still in office. So I have no idea what’s the atmosphere is like there.

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      5. Yeah. There’s so much put upon. America is getting worse from a sociopolitical standpoint. Racism is more overt, job situations are struggling, and people seem to be more depressed on average. I do worry about America.

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      6. The USA has unresolved issues regarding racism. That’s it will never move forward until those issues are resolved. It could truly be a shining light of Equality in the world when it comes to the fight against bigotry. Now since I’ve seen a lot since I left. I can tell you that there are a lot worse than the (racism) States. Also, I believe if America would adopt a better social plan in its ( European social system) system. I truly believe America could be the greatest country on Earth—and without the rampant violence. But that’s only a dream. I think people would be a little less depressed if they knew they wasn’t alone in whatever money situation they are in. Trump is only an self-reflecting subconscious image of the country. Hmm, America is just a complex situation that should be studied in Universities😔

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      7. That is way too true about America. It’s like they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions against Black people and diminish the everything done against them. Just look at The Devil’s Punchbowl, Black Wall Street, or even the fact that Black babies were used as alligator bait as proof enough. I do agree that if the USA got their head on straight and actually have real equality, they could be a beacon to the world. Yes, things like health care, and easier access to education would be great, but that could easily connect to fighting racism. Good point about Trump. He is the suppressed image incarnate of American bigotry. Other presidents were better at hiding it.

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