A Rally For Julian


This past Saturday I attended a rally to free Julian Assange along with fellow members of the Socialist Equality Party. It felt good to be surrounded by fellow comrades who actually care about world issues. I say, with fear in my heart for our future, the universal fight must continue to educate people on the criminality of their government officials and the corrupt media who support them. Also, the main reason for the rally was to address the issue of Julian Assange being held at Belmarsh Prison. A supermax prison only held for Britains most violent prisoners.

Julian hasn’t been allowed to see his lawyer since being illegally ripped out of the Ecuadorian embassy. The governments of the world are all guilty of this crime as no one has spoken up to condemn the United States, Australia, England, and Sweden. Since the United States hold the reigns of global financial power, the governments are all scared to speak out of fear of pissing off the terrorist state which is the United States. If Julian Assange is sentenced to the USA for exposing their war crimes. I don’t know how long I will keep my citizenship/US passport afterward. I’m tired of the world excusing the United States war crimes as somehow they are still the good guys.


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