Julian Assange Arrested By The Devil Worshiping Elites

Yesterday those fucking weasels in the Ecuadorian government agreed to let the crooked English government illegally take Julian Assange out of their embassy. Wikileaks had been trying to warn the world public since 2012 that it was a conspiracy to capture Assange. From those false trumped-up charges by Sweden to England and Australia. All those countries I have listed are complicit in aiding the police state which is the American Government. That fucking CIA Swedish bitch who accused Julian of rape should be shamed where ever she goes in the world from this day on.

Ecuador, a country that nobody really gives a rat ass about should be boycotted for life by people who care about human rights. This man applied for political asylum and got it so he should have been protected under international law! Julian Assange human rights have been violated by the very country who had a duty to protect him from prosecution. And that LenĂ­n Moreno, who has a crooked used car salesmen face. I wouldn’t have trusted that fucking weasel the first time I laid my eyes on his slimy looking ass. Also, Australia is part of the five eyes so the government sold its citizens sovereignty to the United States a long time ago. Then there’s England, still racist and rotten to its fucking core no matter how good they try to pretend otherwise. Those bastards use every fucking excuse on why they needed to arrests him for this and this..etc..etc. It was clear that the English government was America’s bitch from the start.

I use to live in England and I’m glad I left that rat hole before it swallowed me up. Anyway, I won’t be stepping foot back in England ever again in my lifetime..never! I hope Brexit gets on its way so the English government and the economy can reap all the rewards they deserve from their Brexit which was based off a racist platform. These governments around the world have clearly established there are one set of rules for you and another set for them. While people do nothing about these vile things happening to political activist they are blind to the fact that their human rights are gone, not being taking but gone. Most likely if a protest is organized I will fly from Berlin to London to lend my support for Wikileaks and this great hero of our time.

And another thing, the country of Sweden is boring so fuck Sweden as well for selling out to the US bullshit. Unless people start to get their act together and get organized we as the human race are in big trouble. I really do believe the biggest threat to our future is the United States Of America. By the time people wake up, it will be too late because the US government will have taken over the whole world. By takeover, I mean through economic means which technically they already have.


Free Chelsea Manning

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Support for Chelsea Manning, this wonderful and kind human being should be universal and unwavering. There should be nationwide demonstrations in support for this warrior of justice. There should be non-stop sit-ins on the nation’s capital and these crooked representatives should be bombarded with messages of their past crimes. As of yesterday, Chelsea Manning was released from solitary confinement after 28 days and put back into the general population. All because he wouldn’t agree to testify on trumped-up charges against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. The US government does anything they want to people and nobody cares until it happens to them or a family member. This man sacrificed himself and his freedom for YOU and people do nothing! You wonder as an activist is it worth putting your neck on the line for mentally enslaved sheep. FREE CHELSEA MANNING

My Testamony

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