Ilhan Omar


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Ilhan Omar, the US Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district has been speaking truth to power but at what cost? I have to say that this woman is my hero and represents what politicians should be doing. She points out how politicians have sold your freedom out to corporations and other countries interest who control Washington. That’s the reason the establishment has attacked her with the hand of God. This fearless woman has no doubt attracted some powerful enemies behind the scenes.

The government controlled media is undoubtedly use as an extension to smear her character but what else would one expect from evil white racist who work in those newsrooms around America. Ilhan Omar is the truth and the real change that America needs but for that to happen the citizens of America must be open for change. I believe we might be watching history and the beginning stages of a true revolutionary leader. So
she should be protected at all cost from all threats. Remember, the Democrats and the Republicans parties are the same just with different colors and logos. The goal is to keep a two party system because they both play off each other to keep the government running in either image.

You want politicians to pay for war crimes and corruption? Then remove both parties! You want police in different states to serve time or even be given the death penalty for the murder of citizens? Then remove both parties! Do you want a free college education? Then remove both parties! Do you want to be paid a higher living wage? Then remove both parties! Do you want real equal rights for everyone? The remove those greedy, evil corrupt, bloodthirsty murderous bastards in suites!! But Americans won’t remove anything, will they? Yes indeed, Americans are truly fooled by a coke and a smile. The real question is, can American society be saved when so many people have sacrificed their lives and freedom to inform the people of illegal crimes their government has committed domestically and abroad?