My Opinion On Job Titles In A Capitalist​ Society

The other day I just had a random thought out of the blue and I wondered
why do people put so much importance on job titles? Job Titles, the very definition in my humble opinion means to place value or devalue a human being worth. Presidents, Prime ministers, CEOs, Mcdonalds Managers, Policemen, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and etc, etc. I think in my life I have always scared my managers because their titles don’t really register to me.

I never understood the meaning of them, in fact, the concept is ridiculous to me in every sense of the word. Somehow in this capitalist system, your title that you have says you are more important than me because I don’t have an important title. Ok, maybe I should get down and worship you omnipotent one. Sorry, I’m afraid my anger, rage, and hatred for this society as a whole won’t allow me to bend to your corrupt, immoral traditions. Your stupid concept of job titles may intimidate the dumb sheep who will obey and follow you off a bridge but it doesn’t work on a wolf.


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