A Glorious Dream

I woke up early morning to reports of nationwide protests in every capital in the United States. The news reports were flooded with people participating in civil disobedience everywhere. So why the certain surge in protest and sit-ins around the nation? First, the government negative policies in regards to dealing with other countries had reached a fever pitch. And there were just too many police murders that the public couldn’t take any more. After the invasion of Venezuela, their theft of oil, and murder of Nicolas Murdaro the people just had enough of over a hundred years of US meddling in South America’s affairs. The people had enough of excessive government military spending while roads around the US had potholes and some schools were run down. People had enough of the politicians in Washington committing murder around the world with no consequences. Americans had finally had enough, no more wars of aggression in their name. No more corruption, no more selling the people’s health and freedom out for the evil corporations who have almost every politician in their pocket. There were protest in front of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox news for all the propaganda they had spread. The people wanted the talking heads on a chopping block for their lies for government and corporate interest. The people wanted the Democrats and the Republicans thrown out of office and put into jail for their lies, and murder against the people of the earth. I dreamed I took a Delta flight to New York from Berlin and I was so excited to join the fight and this historic revolution. And then…I awoke from my wonderful, glorious dream.


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