The Bakari Henderson Trial


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Ever since the young man, Bakari Henderson was brutally murdered last year in Greece I have kept my ears close to the situation. If you check my logs you will see that I wrote a piece about this young man’s fate. Ever since the trial started this year I have been keeping a close eye on the matter. I have just learned recently the trial concluded with six men convicted on assault and not murder ranging from five to fifteen years to be spent in prison–the other three were let go. These animals should have received life in prison but they didn’t. You can imagine the parents are pissed. I read an article that said the parents would discourage Americans from traveling to Greece. Yes, Europe is different than America when it comes to its justice system. You would be surprised the amount of Europeans walking the street who have murdered someone and only served ten years in prison. I have a saying, I would rather kill several people here in defending my life. If I have to serve time in prison here and then be deported back to the USA then so be it. People here in Europe will kill you and then get away with it so yes Americans should be careful here. As I told an American friend a few years back. Be careful over here because Europeans don’t fight fair, while we Americans use our hands Europeans use their feet to fight. He didn’t believe me but fortunately, my friend never had to find out. And as to Bakari’s family telling Americans to avoid Greece. I would say those filthy racist animals don’t represent Greece. I know from experience that Greek people are open and kind-hearted people that you will ever meet in Europe. Greece and its people are wonderful but I say again those inbred racists who committed this murderous act do not represent Greece.


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