Reformed Gangsters


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

You see those two photos above you? You would refer to these two groups with different colors in simple terms as blood and crip. I can’t remember if I mentioned before in a previous post that I grew up around gangs. I had cousins on one side of town who were crip and cousins on the other side of town who were blood. I remember when I was 16, I saw my cousin and friend spread out on the ground as one of their associates rob them with a pistol. I remember watching this whole event take place from my moms room        ( ducking and looking through the curtains) while my mom turned out all the lights downstairs. Good thing, nobody was hurt and the police arrived shortly after, this was in 1996. In high school, I had a friend who repeatedly tried to get me to become a blood. I thought that couldn’t happen because lived on the east side of town which was crip. And besides, I saw what was happening to people I knew who was in gangs–a lot of those people I knew were in juvenile detention or kicked out of school. At my age, I have lost friends/family and associates to violence while the white people I knew on the other side of town have experience none of those things, it’s nice to be white I supposed, right? My father and his family were in involved with gangs/mafia back (father tried to hide this)in Harlem New York City before I was born. My sister and I literally have gangster in our genes and our rage and temper demonstrate that. My life could have gone the other way but I made an effort to stay out of that shit. Even now, at my age, I know I’m capable of extreme violence which I’m aware of on a constant (temper) basis. There have been times where some of these ignorant Europeans didn’t know what they were getting into, I won’t go into specifics. I was thinking the other day, what if you could get all my gang members/brothers to start reading books on black empowerment and stop being uncle toms. What if you could get them to understand how the world/system has put roadblocks to prevent them from being a human being. What if you could get them to understand every time you murder another black person you are during the work for a white supremacist who hates them. A lot of brothers don’t have fear of anyone and can handle you without a ( boxing game on point) gun. America’s worst nightmare if my brothers would turn their life around and become police officers nationwide. If we could get our brothers to educate themselves and join the revolution that would strike fear in white supremacy. That’s why my panther brothers are still in prison after 40 years and that’s why they killed Stanley Williams–white America worst nightmare is an educated street nigga.


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